A Comprehensive Suite of Trading and Risk Management Applications for Capital Markets

Our customizable suite of applications and modules covers the full trading and investment lifecycle, from pre-trade analytics to portfolio and risk management, providing the tools traders and risk professionals need to evaluate potential deals, manage risk across all asset classes, and optimize portfolios.

Empower Traders and Risk Professionals with the Most Essential Tools

By giving capital markets professionals everything required to research, evaluate, backtest, refine, trade, analyze, and report, our applications fuel productivity, performance, and insight.

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Providing access to the right data, models, and instruments to evaluate and capture deals in volatile and fast-moving markets


Intuitive and customizable capital markets applications in a robust and secure production environment running on enterprise-scale cloud infrastructure


All the tools that traders and risk professionals need to thrive in their roles and make faster, more informed decisions

Cross-Asset Coverage

Today’s capital markets firms are under significant pressure to incorporate an array of different asset classes into their business model, so we build our platform to support a wide range of use cases. Our open and customizable financial object hierarchy makes it easy to add new instruments and asset classes.

Asset Classes We Support

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Our Applications:

Comprehensive, Diverse, High-Performance

Our wide array of applications for sales and trading, portfolio and risk management, and operations deliver powerful functionality while streamlining processes.

Pre-Trade Structuring – Price trade ideas, construct sample portfolios, and run risk analyses on any mix of instruments and asset classes with historical or real-time data

Post-Trade Management – Monitor all trades in real time, track positions, monitor the status of orders, gain insight into all risk exposures, and identify potential issues

Marking Tools – Create and amend forward prices, shapes, correlations, volatilities, and other variable pricing or quantity inputs

Research with Beacon Notebook – Easily build and test trading strategies against real datasets and quickly bring them to production

Orchestration and Workflow Automation – Automate manual tasks in the deal approval workflow and orchestrate operations with control and auditability

Book and Portfolio Editor – View your portfolio and manage portfolio and book hierarchy via a centralized dashboard

Risk & PnL Reporting – Asses and visualize exposure, risk, and financial performance across a variety of dimensions using real-time data

Stress Testing and Backtesting – Identify and assess potential risks by simulating portfolio performance under a range of market conditions

Scenario Analysis – Model the effects of any set of market or macroeconomic conditions on a portfolio’s value, returns, and risk profile

Value at Risk – Calculate VaR in real time and adjust risk management strategies accordingly

Confirmations Dashboard – Manage workflow and regulatory reporting for both electronic and paper confirmations

Broker Reconciliation Dashboard – Easily compare records with counterparties and adjust trade details to rectify any discrepancies

Invoicing Dashboard – Generate invoices, distribute them to counterparties, and incorporate into corresponding records

Shadow Settlement Dashboard – Maintain a duplicate instance of all settlement records, identifying issues before they cause financial or reputational loss

The Tools You Need. The Flexibility You Want

We offer a variety of avenues to accessing and deploying capital markets applications, so you can lean into your strengths, get support from our community, and hone your competitive edge with greater precision.

Beacon App Store

A digital marketplace for distributing and consuming your own or other users’ apps and analytics. Select from a wide variety of components to integrate and enhance, or distribute your own tools to other clients

Beacon Developer Network

Reinforce and augment internal resources with a network of skilled quants, developers, and cloud experts that understand your business and can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs

Discover the Power
of an Open, Cross-Asset Platform

By augmenting off-the-shelf applications with our comprehensive developer tools and leveraging them within a secure cloud environment, capital markets firms can create an easier path to enhancing performance and delivering differentiating products.

Cloud Infrastructure

Gain the security, scalability, speed, and connectivity needed to build differentiating strategies and develop a competitive edge

Developer Experience

Supercharge developer productivity with an open and customizable code base, a collaborative suite of tools, and a robust, controlled production environment

Our Applications in Action

News and perspectives on how our applications enable capital markets firms to optimize their technology organization and fuel better decision-making.

As businesses continue to search for new ways to grow their competitive edge, demand has surged for innovative technologies and tools that streamline data analytics,

Beacon Platform makes it easier to manage the elastic compute functionality of cloud providers. To help you keep track of compute usage as elastic CPU

By Claus Murmann and Ben Merrett Since releasing CME Group’s DataMine plugin on the Beacon App Store last year, many customers have taken advantage of

Maximize Your Development Efficiency:
Learn How Beacon Supercharges the Process

  • Enterprise-scale dependency graph
  • Use with Git or in-house code repositories
  • Embed proprietary libraries in C, C++, C#/.NET, and Python
  • Tools that read and convert spreadsheets into cloud objects
  • DevSecOps approach

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