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Accelerating Deal Flow and Cash Flow Management by Migrating Away From Spreadsheets

Learn how a global hedge fund is moving away from spreadsheets to accelerate deal flow and improve cash flow management, by automating core processes with minimal impact on IT.

“Spreadsheets were a quick and easy way to get started with these debt deals, but became too complex with too many versions to effectively handle the pace and scale that was needed.”

– Andrey Ivanov, VP, Finance Practice, DataArt

This global hedge fund wanted to consolidate their systems of record, codify cash flow projections, and automate much of the deal process to enable faster and more transparent deal flow. Too many spreadsheets and a minimal IT department created an environment where they needed external help so that they could focus on the business.

Software engineering firm DataArt used Beacon Platform to quickly develop and deploy a web application and centralized database that has put them in a much stronger position to improve future deal-making, without a significant IT burden. The group is now looking to automate even more of their deal pipeline, further accelerating their business. 

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