Secure & Scalable Cloud Infrastructure for Capital Markets

Our cloud infrastructure is the backbone of our open platform, delivering the security, scalability, speed, and connectivity financial services firms need to build differentiating strategies and develop a competitive edge.

Cloud Migration Is Complex. We Simplify It.

Our integrated enterprise technology tools provide everything financial services firms – from large institutions to startups – require to leverage the cloud for complex portfolio valuations, larger scenario analyses, and faster intraday calculations.


Managing and scaling large systems and quickly adapting to changes in business use cases


Cloud-agnostic elastic compute and storage resources, reliable and resilient cloud environment, integrated configuration and operational tools, and interfaces with existing systems


Generate better insights from your secure, managed, automated, and cost-effective cloud domain

Our Cloud Infrastructure Tools:

Scalable, Reliable, Comprehensive

Our philosophy on moving to the cloud is simple: we provide multiple hosting and deployment options for the infrastructure, so our clients can freely build and innovate no matter how your business evolves.

Automate manual tasks, so you can focus on adding value to the business

Leverage our elastic compute framework to automatically manage batch job infrastructure and deliver results when you need them

Deploy reports to users quickly and easily with a robust reporting framework that respects entitlements and maintains reporting history

Ingest, process, and store data with a comprehensive data warehouse and toolset

Facilitate broad selection of data with plug-and-play capabilities and external adapters and collectors

Ensure data quality and consistency with explicit authentication and bi-temporal storage for easy rollbacks and reproducibility

Capture and integrate with markets, contractual data, trades, and fundamental data from internal and external sources

Maintain multiple failover versions of your cloud environment automatically, including all your own data and source code

Synchronize data continuously across all backup platforms while constantly monitoring for optimal performance

Distribute disaster recovery across zones within a given region, and replicate backup platforms across independent regions

Provide compute resources for end-user applications, software packages, Excel backends, automated testing, and developer services with our cloud-agnostic elastic compute engine

Reduce hardware and system administration costs with scalable, automated infrastructure management

Deliver full transparency into system state and facilitate user intervention with comprehensive dashboards

Run risk and scenario analyses on complex assets, liabilities, and derivatives when you need them

Control your own secure and fully segregated cloud instance, with your own encryption keys and choice of provider

Encrypt all external data transfers with SSL and internal data between core services, as well as encryption of persistent and at-rest data

Enforce user roles, groups, and entitlements automatically, and support secure operations with integrated secrets management

Rebuild workloads with immutable images and separated code and data

Recommended For You:

Advanced Cloud Security

We take protecting your information and intellectual property in the cloud very seriously, so our financial services clients can focus on building differentiating products and better serve their customers.

Containerized Architecture

Layered, containerized architecture, with each workload running in separate, isolated containers that communicate securely with each other over TLS

Identity and Access

Logical segregation of development, testing, and production environments with role-based access controls

Data Protection

Encryption of data at rest and in transit with a minimum of 128-bit keys, private key generation and management by clients, and secure storage of keys and access tokens

Our Cloud Partners

Our open platform can operate across any cloud or database environment, so you can build financial services applications in the way that best suits your business.

Discover the Power
of an Open, Cross-Asset Platform

With our cloud infrastructure as a foundation, there’s no limit to the workflow efficiencies and powerful applications financial services developers can realize.

Developer Experience

Supercharge developer productivity with an open and customizable code base, a collaborative suite of tools, and a robust, controlled production environment


Cross-asset trading and risk management applications with a transparent code base, integrated analytics, and an underlying suite of financial data models

Cloud Infrastructure in Action

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