Renowned for Our Technology. Supported by Our Partners.

We work with leading firms across the cloud infrastructure, trading technology, and market data landscapes to ensure our solutions meet the needs of our financial services clients as comprehensively as possible.

Solution Partners

Our open and flexible architecture empowers clients to blend software solutions and vendors to create bespoke trading and risk management ecosystems, with a variety of avenues for integrating with our platform.
  • Add functionality to our platform through various integration points, whether API-based or through our app store
  • Easily and rapidly extend our platform into new or niche markets
  • Develop supplementary or standalone functionality and easily integrate it with upstream and downstream systems
  • Accelerate adoption by working with trusted and validated experts, leaning on Beacon for support as needed

Technology Partners

Our technology partners enable us to operate across any of our clients’ preferred cloud or database environments, delivering the convenience and control they desire.
  • Build using a wide array of cloud and database components and platforms through a range of licensing agreements
  • Access proven functionality to build on top of or integrate with, avoiding unnecessary duplication

Data Partners

We enable our clients to deploy applications with pre-enabled market, reference, and alternative data. Our partners help us diversify the amount and type available.
  • Integrate various types of data – market data, reference data, trading and position details, and other internal or external data sources
  • Access plugins and other integration points to facilitate easy adoption
  • Ingest via Beacon Data Exchange or via data provider-specific plugins available in the Beacon App Store

Service Partners

Our service partners provide customers with trusted and validated experts to help with any and all aspects of a Beacon project.
  • Accelerate proof-of-concept development and product innovation with the assistance of seasoned financial markets and technology experts
  • Oversee complex, enterprise-scale technology implementations and data migrations
  • Optimize outcomes and performance with access to ongoing consulting and training support

Our Partnerships in Action

News and perspectives on how our ecosystem of partners enables our clients to build faster and with greater flexibility

The financial markets technology race is emphasizing the need for real-time data analytics. It has also become increasingly clear that legacy end-of-day approaches to trading

DECEMBER 7, 2023 – NEW YORK – Beacon Platform, the all-in-one developer platform for capital markets, today announced a partnership with ActiveViam, a leading provider

Machine learning (ML) is becoming an important part of the technology toolkit in financial services. Companies are using these tools to better understand and evaluate