Enhancing Decision Making and Accelerating Market Response for Investment Management Firms

We deliver the foundational components investment managers need to build a comprehensive view of risk and performance across all assets, supported by a consistent source of truth for data and models.

Asset Management

With increased competition, asset managers need to prioritize product innovation and operational efficiency to generate higher returns. Our cloud-based platform enables asset managers to centralize critical data and analytics, streamline trading and risk activities, and identify new opportunities in real-time.


Inflation and interest rate uncertainty has pushed insurance companies to reach for yields in more complex financial instruments. With Beacon, insurers can centralize data and analytics across assets and liabilities, ensuring consistency of results, improving collaboration across teams, and optimizing yields while balancing risk.

Hedge Funds

Increased market volatility and regulation make it difficult for hedge fund managers to manage risk while remaining agile. Our cutting-edge technology is tailored to the unique needs of hedge funds, offering flexibility and customization to support complex trading and risk management strategies and regulatory reporting requirements.

Pension Management

Recent growth in pension assets has encouraged fund managers to increase their alternative asset allocation to deliver higher returns. Beacon’s cross-asset analytics, comprehensive risk monitoring, and flexible reporting tools enable pension managers to confidently meet long-term obligations while optimizing returns.

Empowering Investment Managers to Generate Better and Faster Insights & Capture Emerging Opportunities

Amid growing pressure to operate in a multi-asset capacity, investment management firms of all stripes are looking to rapidly implement new strategies and adopt new instruments, considerably increasing the challenges of risk and data management.

We help you gain a consolidated view of risk and build new capabilities quickly, so your traders, risk professionals, and quant developers never miss an opportunity to drive greater portfolio returns.


Lack of real-time risk analysis, fragmented views of risk across asset classes, and the constant need to search for yield and adopt new products and instruments


Leverage the cloud to increase the scale and speed of analysis, access comprehensive data warehouse and integration tools, and utilize customizable financial object hierarchy, models, and analytics


Faster, more scalable risk and scenario analysis and more diverse cross-asset portfolios

Our Investment Management
Success Stories

Over the years, our solutions for application development, cloud migration, and risk management have helped investment management clients overcome business and technology challenges and accelerate time to value. Here are some of the highlights.


Improving ability to deploy quant models, analytics, research, and applications to portfolio managers


A consistent global environment for quant development, pre-trade analytics, and real-time pricing

  • Integrated market data and proprietary quant libraries into Beacon
  • Advanced data visualization and analytics
  • Derivatives pricing and market data viewing with Beacon Quote
  • Developer platform with transparent source for custom extensions


Rapid setup and integration, dramatically shortened time to deploy new applications, and better implementation of investment strategies


Building a robust and comprehensive framework for managing alternative asset portfolios


A core technology platform and integrated development environment to connect and integrate multiple datasets and enable complex calculations

  • Powerful and reliable cloud infrastructure and management tools
  • Python-based developer environment to maximize efficiency
  • Foundational functionality including many standard models and algorithms
  • Elastic compute and storage to optimize and control IT expenses


Reduced time to deploy proprietary models and boosted developer productivity


Improve delivery of bespoke reports or benchmarks to clients on demand, including integration with OpenFin


Build custom applications with our application development framework in just a few weeks

  • Transaction cost analysis report populated with market, trade, and client data
  • Ability for agents or clients to download PDF reports of pre-built scenarios
  • Ability for clients to customize reports with Jupyter Notebook
  • Availability via web or OpenFin


Built a new application in the same time as it used to take for one custom report. Clients now receive reports and benchmarks within the same day.


Extending capabilities of commodities portfolios to include real-time risk reporting, backtesting, and stress testing


A partnership to develop needed functionality on top of existing trading, risk management, and development platform

  • Integration with existing books of record and other legacy systems
  • Combination of standard and proprietary models and analytics
  • Transparent source code licenses for ownership of intellectual property
  • Front-office tools for analytics, visualizations, and risk and data management


A flexible platform for aggregated exposure reporting, risk reporting, and stress and scenario analysis

Our Technology. Your Vision

Our platform is as powerful as it is versatile, helping investment management firms take full advantage of powerful cloud infrastructure tools, advanced application development workflows, and front-office applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable and controlled cloud environments delivering performance, security, and cost savings

Developer Experience

Collaborative tools and workflows to increase software development efficiency and accelerate time to market


Prebuilt and extensible tools for analysis, trading, and risk management

Portfolio Management

Optimize your trades and holdings with comprehensive and customizable analytics across the enterprise

Risk Management

Aggregate, model, and manage risk across all asset classes from a single platform, using standard or proprietary pricing models and analytics

Sales & Trading

Integrate diverse datasets and analytics to evaluate performance across books, portfolios, and asset classes

Application Development

Build, test, configure, and deploy cloud-native applications at scale through our developer platform

Cloud Migration

Leverage cloud computing resources for faster results and better insights from your secure, automated, and cost-effective cloud domain

Hear from Our Clients

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