Advanced Application Development for Financial Use Cases

Integrate with existing systems and build, test, and deploy cloud-native applications at scale

Transform Your Business with Cloud-Based Application Development Tools Purpose-Built for Financial Services

Supercharge the productivity of your team with a cloud-based, browser-delivered application development experience built by financial experts to accelerate the path from idea to deployment at scale.

Why Develop with Beacon?

Our application development solutions empower financial services firms to increase productivity and quality while reducing time to market.

Start Developing Quickly

Easy onboarding process and intuitive UI mean you can start innovating immediately

Enhance Communication and Teamwork

Collaborative coding environments and version control systems improve consistency and bring the best ideas to the fore

Access Embedded DevOps Tools

Tools for automation, containerization, monitoring, testing, and more fuel maximum productivity

Build and Scale Safely

Cloud infrastructure tools offering endless scalability, with a security model that ensures your data and intellectual property are protected

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Integrate with Beacon

We’ve built a variety of tools and connectors that make it easy to link up with existing applications and databases.

Data Integration

Capture and integrate broad selection of data with plug-and-play capabilities and external adapters and collectors

Proprietary Models and Libraries

Embed proprietary libraries within Beacon in languages such as C, C++, and JavaScript

Remote Procedure Calls

Call Beacon functions from other applications and leverage cloud computing resources

Spreadsheet Integrations

Transform Excel spreadsheets to enhance performance and increase collaboration

Build with Beacon

We streamline application development for a full spectrum of financial services clients

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Access a comprehensive, cloud-based developer environment via web browser

Developer Tools

Leverage a robust suite of functionality to meet your every app development need

Code Versioning

Work more closely with fellow developers and quants, freely exchanging and refining ideas

User Experience Framework

Easily create intuitive user experiences through pre-designed elements and coding abstracts

Spreadsheet Integrations

Transform spreadsheets to enhance performance and increase collaboration

Test with Beacon

Ensure the apps you’re building are free of errors and ready to deploy

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines

Run automated tests and identify and rectify errors in a production-like environment

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Plan, design, develop, review, and test as part of a unified and automated process, ensuring all requirements are met and functionality performs as expected

Security Scanning

Identify potential security vulnerabilities using a range of automated tools

Deploy with Beacon

Deploy your apps with modern tools to ensure smooth delivery and optimal performance

Cloud Deployment

Go live confidently, with a host of dedicated tools to manage your cloud environment


Automate the provisioning, configuration, and deployment of servers, networks, and storage


Schedule automated functions, such as batch processing and reporting


Track and analyze the performance and health of apps in real time

Package Management

Deploy updates consistently and reliably and encourage innovation without affecting production systems

Container Orchestration

Scale and maintain software containers across multiple instances, reducing risk of downtime

Application Development in Action

News and perspectives on how our application development solutions serve all types of financial services clients

Alternative investments are projected to increase significantly over the next few years, growing from $9.3 trillion AUM in 2022 to $18.3 trillion in 2027. Interest

Beacon Platform delivers benefits to different parts of the companies that deploy it, from development through trading and risk management. Here is our top 10

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