Improving Risk Visibility and Enhancing Portfolio Management for Banks

We deliver the foundational components banks need to improve evaluation and visibility of risks and enhance portfolio management, integrating data, models, and processes to support new markets and safely enable digital transformation.

Empowering Banks to Integrate and Innovate at Scale

Changing risk scenarios, increasing competition, and volatile markets demand greater visibility and agility in how banks leverage technology and application development. Limited visibility of risk across all asset classes, internal silos, and legacy applications all contribute to an incomplete picture.

We help you overcome these obstacles, so your traders, risk professionals, and quant developers can have timely and accurate analytics as they focus on building differentiating strategies and honing a competitive edge.


Inability to combine different asset classes into a complete picture and support new models and instruments, lack of consistency across business functions and units, and the need to have thorough risk assessments using multiple scenarios


A customizable cloud-based platform with cross-asset modeling and pricing capabilities, dynamic deal models, and a host of application development and integration tools tailor-made to help banks adapt and respond to changing markets within their risk parameters


Spend much less time and effort on infrastructure and focus on generating better insights, comprehensive analyses, and reducing time to value

Our Banking Success Stories

Over the years, our solutions for application development, cloud migration, risk management, and more have helped banking clients overcome business and technology challenges and accelerate time to value. Here are some of the highlights.


Multiple risk and pricing libraries, but lack of standardization across asset classes made it difficult and time consuming to get comprehensive risk analysis


Cloud-native platform with flexibility to integrate existing libraries and ingest required trade and market data

  • Integrated connectors to ingest data from different sources and eliminate silos
  • Source code license to ensure full transparency and improve consistency
  • Elastic compute pools for faster, more frequent, and granular risk analysis
  • Reporting framework to generate the desired internal and regulatory filings


Enhanced visibility of overall and specific risks and parallel monitoring of legacy black box risk systems, requiring significantly fewer IT and quant resources


No end-to-end infrastructure, lack of standardization across asset classes, and overlong timelines for adding or updating functionality


Cloud-based platform that can scale workloads, automate jobs, and support standard and proprietary analytics

  • Integrated market data, proprietary quant libraries and pricing models
  • Elastic cloud enables faster results and better insights
  • More frequent and granular risk analysis, instead of just EOD captures
  • More rapid development by moving from C++ to Python


More time spent on tasks that add value. This bank can now do the same jobs using 10% of the IT and quant resources.


Running XVA simulations at scale – 200,000 interest rate swaps with monthly steps for 30 years


Enhanced ability to evaluate projected performance of large trade portfolios over time, with simulated fixings and lifecycle events

  • 1,000 simulated paths, 50 billion calculations, 400 GB of data
  • Adapted from MongoDB to S3 to handle large memory requirements
  • Cached results in memory for faster compute
  • Cloud-agnostic with ability to spin up additional processors as needed


5 minutes to spin up 10,000 processors and 45 minutes to complete all calculations, at a total cost of $72


Improve delivery of bespoke reports or benchmarks to clients on demand, including integration with OpenFin


Build custom applications with our application development framework in just a few weeks

  • Transaction cost analysis report populated with market, trade, and client data
  • Ability for agents or clients to download PDF reports of pre-built scenarios
  • Ability for clients to customize reports with Jupyter Notebook
  • Availability via web or OpenFin


Built a new application in the same time as it used to take for one custom report. Clients now receive reports and benchmarks within the same day.


Eliminate silos of spreadsheets and one-off solutions to improve client service and operational efficiency


Quant platform with integrated development environment to accelerate deployment of bespoke analytics

  • Plug-and-play integration of internal and external data sources
  • Incorporate in-house quant libraries and pricing models for operational consistency
  • Automate manual tasks with batch job scheduler
  • Create customized web applications for risk and reconciliation reporting


  • Turnaround time for new functionality now measured in days, not weeks or months

Our Technology. Your Vision

Our platform is as powerful as it is versatile, helping banks take full advantage of powerful cloud infrastructure tools, advanced application development workflows, and more.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable and controlled cloud environments delivering performance, security, and cost savings

Developer Experience

Collaborative tools and workflows to increase software development efficiency and accelerate time to market


Prebuilt and extensible tools for analysis, trading, and risk management

Portfolio Management

Optimize your trades and holdings with comprehensive and customizable analytics across the enterprise

Risk Management

Aggregate, model, and manage risk across all asset classes from a single platform, using standard or proprietary pricing models and analytics

Sales & Trading

Integrate diverse datasets and analytics to evaluate performance across books, portfolios, and asset classes

Application Development

Build, test, configure, and deploy cloud-native applications at scale through our developer platform

Cloud Migration

Leverage cloud computing resources for faster results and better insights from your secure, automated, and cost-effective cloud domain

Hear from Our Clients

Let some of the markets’ most innovative banks tell you how Beacon improved their risk management, accelerated their entry to new markets, and optimized portfolio returns.

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