Secure, Scalable Cloud Migration Solutions for Financial Services

Optimize performance and shift resources from infrastructure to innovation with a proven cloud migration roadmap and an array of data management and security tools to ensure reliable performance

Tap into the Resources You Need, Exactly When You Need Them

Shifting client demands, unpredictable markets, and the growing cost of hardware-based infrastructure all point to the need for elastic, scalable compute resources. Our solutions for cloud migration help financial services firms make this pivot safely and efficiently.

Why Work with Beacon
to Migrate to the Cloud?

Our cloud migration solutions enable financial services firms to move faster while minimizing costs, creating multiple avenues to a competitive edge.

Modernized Tech Stack

Lay the foundation required to innovate and compete in today’s markets, with robust security and enhanced collaboration

Accelerated Time to Market

Access all the tools needed to integrate with existing systems and quickly build, test, and deploy new applications

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Easily tap into compute resources and reduce hardware and system administration costs with scalable, automated infrastructure management

Scalable Solutions

Ensure infrastructure is always in sync with business needs and adjust for fluctuations in demand without additional technology investment

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A Proven Roadmap for
Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration tools combine the power and security financial services institutions need with the flexibility and ease of use their developers demand.

Infrastructure as Code

Pre-configure system images and define the infrastructure and resources needed to securely run your applications in the cloud

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Increase flexibility and agility, improve resilience, and minimize the risk of vendor lock-in with our cloud-agnostic platform

Elastic Compute Framework

Dynamically scale compute resources up or down based on the calculation complexity and speed of results required at any given time

Monitoring and Metrics

Constantly watch for optimal performance, make adjustments as needed, and assess performance metrics to ensure constant improvement

Data Integration

Ingest, process, store, and integrate data from internal and external sources via a comprehensive data warehouse and toolset

Security and Permissions

Fully control your segregated cloud instance, with extensive data encryption and easy enforcement of entitlements

Cloud Migration in Action

News and perspectives on how our cloud migration solutions optimize use of compute resources and ensure security, control, and accelerated time to market

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