An Innovative Developer Experience for Financial Services

Our open, collaborative developer experience equips your teams with everything they need to integrate with existing systems and data, rapidly build, test, and deploy trading and risk applications, and customize analytics and models with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Accelerate Your Time to Market

Our comprehensive financial engineering tools and transparent source license are innovation accelerators, enabling quantitative developers to integrate with existing systems and build, test, and deploy cloud-native financial services applications at scale.


Modeling new instruments and asset classes, or deploying new applications and analytics to respond to market changes and capture emerging opportunities


An enterprise-scale innovation platform with the speed and ease of use of a prototyping system and the scalability and controls necessary for deployment in even the largest and most successful financial institutions


Move quant and developer expertise closer to the frontline, with full visibility and ownership of models and analytics, making it easier to hone a competitive edge

Our Developer Tools:

Powerful, Sophisticated, Integrated

Our development foundation fuels collaboration, innovation, and governance at every step, empowering quants to build high-performance, integrated, and secure applications.

Rapidly build, test, and deploy analytics and applications to business users with zero install through our cloud-native integrated development environment (IDE)

Ensure quality control from development to production with enterprise-class governance and controls to manage versions, reviews, and changesets

Experiment and innovate without risking stability of the production environment

Transparent source license of all components, encouraging reuse and customization and reducing duplication

Connect input values and calculations via our dependency graph optimized for large-scale modeling and efficient recalculation

Abstract complexities of web applications and build feature-rich, full-stack web apps with live two-way bindings to your data with our application development framework

Access to additional models and functionality downloadable via the Beacon App Store

Leverage customizable deal and event models and risk reporting, simulation, and curve building frameworks

Reuse or extend features such as volatility surface calibration or curve fitters, and expose them via proprietary risk analytics or position management applications

Transform existing spreadsheet models into native dependency graphs with controlled access to production data and elastic compute capacity.

Import, process, and store data with a comprehensive data warehouse and toolset

Ensure data quality and consistency with explicit authentication and bi-temporal storage for easy audits, rollbacks, and reproducibility

Capture and integrate with markets, contractual data, exchanges, and fundamental data from internal and external sources

Easily build new financial instruments for immediate use with analysis and reporting applications

Freely innovate throughout the lifecycle of a product or portfolio

Access all asset classes and instruments from a common platform

Interface with existing applications with a wide range of data and code integrations

Incorporate proprietary libraries in C, C++, C#/.NET, and Python

Easily integrate existing systems and processes with remote procedure calls

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Build Securely

By providing an enterprise-class developer experience with robust controls, we ensure that data, code, and intellectual property are always protected, so developers and quants can focus on building differentiating tools and strategies.

Benefit From the Protection Of

A Network of Efficiencies

The Beacon Developer Network drives value creation far beyond what individual participants can achieve on their own. Clients, certified service providers, and Beacon’s own world-class development team all work together to train, share ideas, and keep up to date with best practices.

Discover the Power
of an All-in-One Platform

With our developer experience at their fingertips, our capital markets clients can maximize the power of their full technology stack while building industry-leading applications, analytics, and reports, and scaling securely in the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure

Gain the security, scalability, speed, and connectivity needed to build differentiating strategies and develop a competitive edge


Cross-asset trading and risk management applications with a transparent code base, integrated analytics, and an underlying suite of financial data models

Our Developer Experience in Action

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