Flexible, Cross-Asset Risk Management Solutions

Model, aggregate, and manage risk across all asset classes from a single platform, with extensive customization and collaboration capabilities

Take a Comprehensive View of Risk

Volatile markets and cross-asset strategies have created a risk management environment that demands more complex models and faster responses. Our unified platform enables financial services firms to gain broad visibility of all forms of risk, across all asset classes, and distill it into actionable insights.

Why Work with Beacon to Manage Your Risk?

Our risk management solutions help your team centralize information, view market conditions from all angles, and use standard or proprietary models and analytics.

Consolidated View of Risk

Perform cross-asset risk management with visibility into market, credit, and liquidity risk

A Single Source of Truth

Work within a unified platform to improve cross-functional collaboration and efficiency

Model New Asset Classes

Enter new markets quickly with the ability to integrate proprietary, Beacon-native, and third-party models into a single view

Unmatched Flexibility

Express risk in various dimensions, create custom scenarios, run risk on exotic instruments, and support computationally expensive models and analytics

A Powerful Array of Cross-Asset Risk Management Tools

Our risk management tools enable flexibility, efficiency, and insight at every turn.

Pre-Trade Structuring

Run both intraday and end-of-day risk analyses for cross-asset portfolios and price with historical or real-time data

Post-Trade Management

Monitor all trades in real time, gain insight into all risk exposures, and identify potential issues

Risk & PnL Reporting

Assess and visualize exposure, risk, and financial performance across a variety of dimensions

Stress Testing and Backtesting

Identify and assess potential risks by simulating portfolio performance under a range of market conditions

Scenario Analysis

Model the effects of any set of market or macroeconomic conditions on a portfolio’s value, returns, and risk profile

Value at Risk

Calculate VaR in real time and adjust risk management strategies accordingly

Risk Management in Action

News and perspectives on how our cross-asset risk management solutions facilitate real-time access to information and protect our clients’ bottom line

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