Your Open, Cross-Asset Platform:
Integrate, Build, Test, Deploy

Our open, cloud-native platform and shared code repository equips your teams with everything they need to integrate with existing systems and data, rapidly build, test, and deploy trading and risk applications, and customize analytics and models with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

The Beacon Tech Stack:
From Cloud-Native Infrastructure to
End-User Applications

Capital Markets Have Demanding Requirements.
We Exceed Them.

Beacon Platform is our core product offering that combines Beacon Cloud, Developer Tools, and Financial Frameworks, and it is the baseline for all Product Packages.

Our Product Packages offer bundled features and functionality, purpose-built to accelerate capital markets use cases. Powered by Beacon Cloud, each of our Product Packages include access to Applications, Financial Frameworks, and Developer tools tailored to a specific industry, trading strategy, or asset class.

The base application package builds on top of Beacon’s extensible platform and offers powerful, modular, and extensible cross-asset financial applications, instrument support, and elastic cloud infrastructure to accelerate trading and risk management use cases. This includes:

  • Pre-trade analysis
  • Trade capture
  • Post-trade analysis
  • Intraday risk and PnL reporting 
  • Scenario modeling
  • life cycle management
  • Workflow applications
  • Out-of-the-box support for rates and FX Instruments


This add-on includes everything from the Trading & Risk Package, plus comprehensive energy and commodities instrument support and powerful analytics, including:  

  • Risk and PnL reporting, stress testing, VaR, XVA
  • Trade ingestion framework e.g. Trayport
  • Back-office and operations applications
  • Flexible marking tools
  • Out-of-the-box support for North American and European energy & commodity instruments

This add-on includes everything from the Trading & Risk Package, plus flexible and integrable models to support high-volume equity trade aggregation and analysis, including:  

  • High-volume trade capture
  • Intraday risk reporting
  • Robust security measures
  • Integration of third-party tools
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Extensive coverage for equity instrument

Discover the Power
of an Open Platform

With our cloud-native infrastructure as a foundation, there’s no limit to the workflow efficiencies and powerful applications financial services developers can realize.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable and controlled cloud environments, so you can shift resources from infrastructure to innovation and enjoy the performance, security, and cost savings

Developer Experience

Open and customizable code base with an extensive suite of tools and workflows to empower developers, increase efficiency, and accelerate time to market


Prebuilt tools for trading and risk management with a transparent code base and high customizability

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Advanced Cloud Security

We take protecting your information and intellectual property in the cloud very seriously, so our financial services clients can focus on building differentiating products and better serve their customers.

Containerized Architecture

Layered, containerized architecture, with each workload running in separate, isolated containers that communicate securely with each other over TLS

Identity and Access

Logical segregation of development, testing, and production environments with role-based access controls

Data Protection

Encryption of data at rest and in transit with a minimum of 128-bit keys, private key generation and management by clients, and secure storage of keys and access tokens

Beacon Platform in Action

News and perspectives on our work to bring about the future of financial services in the cloud

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