Fueling Your Competitive Edge

At Beacon, we focus on providing the apps, tools, and infrastructure financial services firms need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, manage risk across all asset classes, and build innovative, differentiating strategies.

The Beacon Approach

We empower our financial services clients to increase revenue, enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and customize technology to meet their exact needs. Here’s how.

All-in-One Platform

Our open, collaborative developer platform provides everything needed to integrate with existing systems and data, rapidly build trading and risk applications, and customize analytics and models with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Unmatched Expertise

With a team of accomplished quant developers, traders, and risk managers, we’ve honed our solution for nearly a decade to meet the exacting requirements of the financial industry.

Extensible Risk Management

Our shared code repository unifies siloed products, data, analytics, and workflows, enabling clients to uniquely model and manage risk across all asset classes from a single platform.

Fast Track to Innovation

We deliver everything technologists and quants need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, so they can focus on building products and strategies that unlock a competitive edge.

Leading By Example

Our co-founders spent nearly two decades building trading and risk platforms at investment banks, forging a reputation as industry leaders along the way. Today, they lead a team that embodies Beacon’s founding principles: integrity, communication, client service, and technical excellence.
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Mark Higgins

Chief Analytics Officer & Co-Founder

A History of Innovation

The story of Beacon starts at some of the world’s largest investment banks. Nearly three decades later – thanks to big ideas and deep engagement with industry stakeholders – we play a leading role in powering cloud migration, application development, and trading and risk functions at leading financial institutions.

Award-Winning Solutions

Over the years, we’ve been recognized by a wide range of industry authorities for delivering powerful technology and helping Banking, Energy & Commodities, and Investment Management firms hone their competitive edge. Here are some of our most significant accolades.

Help Define the Future of Finance

At Beacon, we are building developer tools and trading and risk applications that empower financial services firms to maximize their performance and set themselves apart from the competition. We’re just as passionate about maintaining a workplace that prizes collaboration, respect, and inclusion. Sound compelling? We’d love to talk about how Beacon can be the next chapter in your career.

Beacon in Action

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