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Integrated Portfolio Intelligence: Innovating at the Speed of Markets to Generate Compelling Alternative Returns

Learn how alternative investment management firm IPI is using Beacon to accelerate innovation and developer productivity to the speed of markets.

“These solutions are highly valued by existing and potential institutional investors from an operational perspective, effectively placing IPI in comparable standing to larger and more established firms.”

Nick Vasserman, IPI Founder & CIO

IPI’s objectives are to combine cutting-edge research, extensive asset management experience, and advanced technology to offer compelling positive returns. The global markets they cover demand a platform that can integrate multiple algorithms and datasets with minimal integration effort.

With Beacon Platform, they are adding their own libraries for strategy and backtesting to the broad foundational elements, enabling them to readily convert data inputs into investment insights and risk assessments. Thousands of time series from hundreds of original data sources are integrated into Beacon, fueling proprietary analytics and informing daily trades.

​Even though they had fewer resources than a large bank, within 6 months they were able to bring the initial phase to a production environment.

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