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Beacon App Store: Distribute Essential Apps and Reduce Time to Market

Beacon App Store provides a developer friendly framework for developing, packaging, and distributing powerful and sophisticated apps and analytics for the end users.  Distributing your solution via the Beacon App Store gives you a direct channel to some of the largest asset managers, commodity and energy traders, insurance companies, private equity firms, and global capital markets players.

Built for Developers

If you are a developer, we built the Beacon App Store with your needs in mind.  A high degree of flexibility enables you to implement, package, and distribute apps and analytics, your way.  There is a common runtime that is mirrored across both the development environment and the end users’ production environments.  Our robust and seamless submissions and review process makes it fast and easy for you to turn ideas into reality.  Subject matter experts from Beacon are just a click away, providing the access and support you need, when you need it. Post updates and upgrades when you need to, ensuring that your Customers always have access to the latest and greatest features!

Direct to Customers

Customers can browse for solutions directly within the Beacon Desktop. Using a simple, intuitive interface, Customers can browse by category and publisher, or use an intelligent search feature to find just the right solution they need.  Apps and modules designed to work seamlessly Beacon Platform can be installed with a click of a button.

Figure 1: Market data plug-ins available on the Beacon App Store

Packaging and listing your solution on the Beacon App Store enables you to deliver it directly to your users. Harness the power of the best-in-class cloud based platform to develop solutions that address the needs of your users and reach a larger market, faster.

Watch the Beacon App Store in action, with a brief overview video, and a developer walkthrough !

You can contact us @ bap@beacon.io for more details about the Beacon App Store.

Deliver the Future of Financial Markets

Beacon Platform delivers next generation quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front office applications that move financial services firms into the future. Extend the powerful capabilities of Beacon Core by enhancing and augmenting our infrastructure, data management, developer tools, or automation services. Add new functionality to Beacon Front Office Suite or develop new applications to create the perfect solution for your customers.

About Beacon Platform, Inc.

Beacon Platform moves financial markets into the future with secure and scalable quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. The integrated development environment and web application framework make developing applications faster and easier. Born from decades of collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform gives you the robustness and flexibility of these powerful tools. See how you can increase the return on research and development investments from Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, risk management, and more at www.beacon.io.