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Read on for the latest announcements on how Beacon’s clients, people, and technology are crafting the future of financial services in the cloud, as well as our insights on challenges facing the industry and how we help solve them.

New York, May 30, 2024 – Beacon Platform Inc. is pleased to announce that Broadview Capital Holdings, a subsidiary of Broadview Group, is deploying Beacon’s extensible, multi-asset financial technology platform to scale its trading business and enhance the ability to

If you are a quantitative analyst, Jupyter Notebook is a great application for researching signals, evaluating pricing models, and experimenting with data sets too large or complicated to do on spreadsheets. Jupyter Notebook makes it easy to run research, visualize

Protecting data and intellectual property is critical to any business, but especially to those, like financial services, that are essentially information processors. Cybersecurity often focuses on data theft, ransomware, and other attacks directed at that valuable information. However, protecting the

This white paper examines Beacon’s software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and the DevSecOps methodologies on which they are based. Another paper describes the shared responsibility model for cloud infrastructure and operations with secure installation and isolation of each customer’s operating

One of the great things about cloud-based and open source software is how many options there are and how fast everything moves. That is also one of the most difficult things about it. Python, machine learning, data science, and other

Beacon Platform’s developer platform empowers customers with the ability to quickly build data-drivenapplications. Beacon announced a technology and go-to-market partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company to enable financial developers to quickly build data-driven applications leveraging Snowflake’s modern data platform.

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