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Beacon Partners With Snowflake to Enable Faster Financial Insights for Mutual Clients

Beacon Platform’s developer platform empowers customers with the ability to quickly build data-driven

Beacon announced a technology and go-to-market partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company to enable financial developers to quickly build data-driven applications leveraging Snowflake’s modern data platform.

Together, Beacon and Snowflake provide clients with the ability to concurrently access data, quickly and
at scale, by issuing SQL commands directly from within Beacon Core, using Snowflake’s Python
connector. Through the Beacon Core platform, customers can leverage Snowflake’s separation of
compute from storage to access near-real-time data for uncovering data insights and supercharging
developer productivity. Beacon Platform empowers business analysts and financial developers of all skill
levels to build and deploy cloud native analytics in a fraction of the time of traditional modeling methods.

“Snowflake’s platform allows all business users to gain near-limitless insight from their data at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions”, says Maria Adamjee, Partnership Sales Executive at Beacon Platform.

“Together we are helping our customers take advantage of the cloud’s performance and scale to generate data-driven insights that they can take to production.”

“Clients across Financial Services value time-to-market for putting their data and analytics to commercial use. And that’s why, by integrating Beacon and Snowflake, we are creating the ultimate developer toolkit that lets teams design financial analytics and build applications as close to the data as possible. Large scale analytics and application workloads perform better when compute and storage are separate ,” says Anya Boutov, Chief Revenue Officer of Beacon Platform. “By combining Snowflake’s concurrency, flexibility, and scaling capabilities with Beacon’s cloud-native suite of software and development tools, quantitative professionals, DevOps teams, and business leaders can build or buy software powered by big data. They can leverage common infrastructure and quickly scale, with outstanding performance and flexibility.”

Founded in 2014, Beacon is the leading application development platform designed for capital markets
that enables firms to securely build, test, and deploy applications in the cloud. Beacon’s pre-built
applications, financial development toolkit, transparent source code, and seasoned team of engineers
enable customers to quickly go-live with applications that span from the front- to the back-office.
Customers, including global banks, asset managers, insurers, and commodity trading firms, have saved
time and money, improved productivity, and created customized solutions without the engineering effort
and cost of building in-house.

“Snowflake’s powerful, integrated platform capabilities, paired with Beacon’s cloud-native suite of software and development tools can help organizations leverage the cloud for near-real time data insights,” Snowflake Director of Technology Alliances, Tarik Dwiek said. “With this partnership, Beacon’s capital markets customers have a powerful solution for building financial analytics models and data applications that help drive their businesses forward.”

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Beacon Platform moves financial markets into the future with secure and scalable quant technology,
elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. The integrated development environment and
web application framework make developing applications faster and easier. Born from decades of
collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform gives you the robustness and flexibility of these powerful tools. See how you can increase the return on research and development investments from Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, risk management, and more at www.beacon.io.