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Webinar On Demand: Accelerating the Path from Pre-Trade to Booking

There are always great ideas coming out of R&D and Quant environments. But turning these ideas into actionable trading solutions that can capture new business and generate additional advantages takes far too long—whether you are trying to roll out a new financial instrument to support a client’s custom hedging needs, looking to deploy a new quant trading strategy, or exploring better asset/liability management analytics.

In this webinar, Beacon Co-Founder Mark Higgins will explore the common challenges that companies face developing and deploying new tools and demonstrate how Beacon Platform helps accelerate the process.

Beacon’s unique platform integrates the path from R&D to production, providing key links in the chain from quant expertise to data science and enterprise-scale services. Sophisticated administrative tools satisfy needs for corporate process controls and regulatory constraints. Tech stacks designed for rapid turnaround enhance collaboration between siloed teams, while automation accelerates human-intensive workflows.

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What you will learn:

  • Why a unified environment from pre-trade to post-trade makes the business work better
  • How an integrated environment accelerates the software development life cycle
  • Benefits of automated testing moving features from development to production
  • Using web application frameworks to iteratively build, test, and refine end-user applications
  • Real-world capabilities demonstrated live with some of Beacon’s applications, such as strategy back testing, real-time reporting, and trade booking using the same risk models and market data


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