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Blackstone Case Study: Centralizing Data and Analytics to Deliver Greater Insights, Faster

Learn how Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager, is leveraging Beacon and Snowflake to enhance its data and analytics capabilities.

“With Beacon’s flexible and extensible data model, we are able to answer a greater number of increasingly sophisticated questions and deliver value to each business more quickly.”

Thomas Pologruto, Chief Data Architect, Blackstone

Blackstone was looking to centralize and scale their analytics capabilities to match the scope and breadth of their modern, Snowflake-powered data platform. Beacon’s flexible platform for developing and maintaining models and the cloud computing infrastructure to run them delivers insights at the speed Blackstone requires. Beacon’s dynamic data and dependency graph capabilities ensure that everyone across the firm has full transparency into the relationships between the pricing models and the data it consumes. “Together, Beacon and Snowflake empower Blackstone’s analysts and financial engineers to build and deploy cloud native analytics in a fraction of the time that’s required to build them using spreadsheets and other legacy modeling methods,” said Kirat Singh, Beacon’s CEO.

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