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Beacon Platform Unveils New Branding Reflecting Increased Focus on Innovation and Risk Management in Capital Markets

AUGUST 7, 2023 – NEW YORK – Beacon Platform today unveiled new branding and website content as part of a renewed focus on helping capital markets firms in multiple vertical industries build innovative strategies that provide a competitive edge.

Recent events have turned a spotlight on market volatility, unexpected scenarios, and incomplete visibility of potential risks. “Beacon is responding to these challenges that clients are facing with a revitalized commitment to delivering an all-in-one platform that enables greater insight into market activities, sophisticated modeling and analytics, and a comprehensive view of cross-asset risk,” said Kirat Singh, Co-Founder and CEO.

Beacon’s open, collaborative developer platform equips financial services companies with the scalable and innovative tools they need to integrate with existing systems and data, rapidly build, test, and deploy trading and risk applications, and customize analytics and models with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

“By utilizing Beacon’s comprehensive front to back functionality, we gain far greater scale while integrating Beacon with our existing systems right out of the gate,” said Jeff Robertson, Head of Retail Distribution, Enablement and Operations, TD Asset Management.

“We are directing our efforts toward market segments that have a significant and demonstrable need to improve their trading and risk management tools and technologies to be successful in these demanding times,” said James Corrigan, President of Beacon. Key focus areas include energy and commodities traders, equity derivatives traders and portfolio managers, and risk managers and analysts.

Energy and commodities trading firms face unique challenges – from working with complex physical assets and managing power purchase agreements to adopting new renewable energy sources – but legacy technology and fragmented workflows create significant obstacles. Beacon’s platform enables these clients to rapidly adapt to changing markets, access more powerful analytics, and readily adopt new instruments.

“There was nothing else in the market that could model commodity indices the way we wanted while enabling us to launch the business so quickly.” Daniel Cepeda, Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager, Quantix

Equity derivatives traders and investment managers need the ability to develop and refine complex valuation models, access to a variety of internal and external data sources, and the elastic processing capacity to run intraday reports or large sets of potential scenarios. Beacon delivers the foundational components necessary for these clients to build a cross-asset view of risk and performance for equity derivatives, integrating data from multiple sources and supported by a consistent source of truth for data and models.

“With Beacon’s flexible and extensible data model, we are able to answer a greater number of increasingly sophisticated questions and deliver value to each business more quickly.” Thomas Pologruto, Chief Data Architect, Blackstone

Changing risk scenarios, volatile markets, and cross-asset investment strategies have created a risk management environment that demands more complex models and faster responses. Beacon’s unified platform enables risk professionals to gain broad visibility of all forms of risk, across all asset classes, and distill it into actionable insights.

“Our platform’s broad financial engineering toolset and transparent source license includes the apps, tools, and infrastructure firms need to deploy cloud-native financial services applications at scale, manage risk across all asset classes, and shift resources from infrastructure to innovation,” said Alla Liberman, COO of Beacon. 

Learn more about the capabilities of Beacon’s all-in-one platform and check out our new website at www.beacon.io.