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Quantix Commodities Case Study: Building Focused Commodity Indices to Address Changing Market Needs and Enhance Risk Management

Learn how Quantix, a leader in enhanced commodity index investing, is using Beacon to build targeted indices covering market needs such as inflation protection and the accelerating energy transition.


“There was nothing else in the market that could model commodity indices the way we wanted while enabling us to launch the business so quickly.”

Daniel Cepeda, Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager, Quantix


Quantix wanted a robust and customizable set of risk management and analytics tools that they could use to build focused investment solutions for their clients. They did not find an out-of-the-box solution that suited their needs, but they also did not want to build everything themselves. Beacon’s “Buy and Build” model provided a solid foundation of standard models and instruments on top of an enterprise-grade development experience that they could use to add their proprietary analytics.

With the help of Beacon’s client engineering, the Quantix’ team was able to leverage Beacon’s open architecture and transparent code license to add their custom requirements. Within a short time frame, they were creating sample portfolios, backtesting strategies, and launching their investment solutions.

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