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Read on for the latest announcements on how Beacon’s clients, people, and technology are crafting the future of financial services in the cloud, as well as our insights on challenges facing the industry and how we help solve them.

Thank you for attending the session. Presenter: Mark Higgins Chief Analytics Officer & Co-Founder at Beacon Platform Please complete the form to receive your copy of this session which covered the following topics: Project scoping – questions to ask, alliances

I recently had the opportunity to chat with John Siracusa, host of the Bank On It podcast. John talks with fintech founders & investors who are building the future of fintech. We had a fun discussion about my journey from

I recently joined host Andrew Janssens on a Wharton FinTech Podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including my evolution from a quant at a small power utility fintech to founding Beacon with my former colleague, Kirat Singh. Over the

Developers can be very passionate about their choice of programming languages, and we often get asked why we choose to work in Python. Since our initial adoption of Python for the Athena project at JPMorgan in 2006, which is now

Data and analytics are the lifeblood of financial services, and finding and acting on information quickly can mean the difference between profit and loss. Dependency graphs are powerful tools for managing complicated chains of calculations that make it easier to

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