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Webinar: Hedging Natural Gas Options During Periods of High Volatility

With volatility of natural gas at record highs and price increases of more than 500% in some markets, managing hedges becomes increasingly important. Multiple factors, from weather and supply issues to global conflicts can trigger sudden and significant market movements. Having a range of data sources, flexible analytics, and quick access to computing capacity can help energy firms quickly evaluate their risk and exposure to different scenarios.

In this webinar, Beacon Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer Mark Higgins will compare hedging capabilities in a spreadsheet versus Beacon Platform. He will demonstrate how you can use Beacon Platform to quickly research hedging ideas, deploy the desired strategy to the production risk system, backtest different scenarios, and run before and after reports to compare the effects of the model change.

Beacon’s transparent, fully licensed source code removes the black-box aspect of traditional vendor systems, enabling faster and easier customization and integration of proprietary techniques. Energy firms get the perfect mix of buy versus build, accelerating development and responsiveness to new opportunities. Automate processes, run proprietary models and applications natively on the platform, and seamlessly manage elastic cloud infrastructure.

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What you will learn:

  • How to research a hedging idea in Beacon Plot and in Excel across different time periods

  • Implementing the hedging approach in the production risk system and evaluating the changes to delta and gamma

  • Benefits of an integrated development environment and multiple volatility market models

  • Backtesting the new models for a rolling delta hedged position and noting changes to the standard deviation of daily P&L

  • Running risk reports before and after the model change to document the effects


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