I enjoy seeing how our company and clients operate. This is something that’s difficult to learn from a book; so these real-life experiences at Beacon have been great.

Typical Day

First Things

  • Log in to my computer and make coffee
  • Check my emails and chats
  • See what my workload looks like for the day by reviewing Jira tickets, prioritizing them, and beginning my day


  • Take a lunch break or go for a run if I have time
  • Work on open items like strategic project work, enhancement requests, or support tickets depending on prioritization
  • Attend meetings 

Last Things

  • Wind down and try to complete my to-do list
  • See what’s left to accomplish for the day and once I get to a good stopping point, jot down what I should work on for the next day
  • End the day with a nice bookend by either going out for a run if I haven’t already done so, playing video games or grabbing dinner with my fiance


I work as a software engineer on the Front Office Suite Integrations team. We have four developers in New York City, one in London, two summer interns, two full-time consultants in Poland; we are continuing to grow. We’re currently working on a large market data project to provide out of the box Beacon integration with data providers.This includes things like getting data into Beacon’s TimeSeries API and propagating throughout our Financial Object Hierarchy. 

Great Startup Opportunities

I previously worked at JPMorgan on Athena, similar to Kirat and Mark, as well as some of my colleagues so I not only had the background but that’s also how I learned about Beacon. I had a network here and the opportunity to work in a start-up culture, and use newer technologies and cloud deployment were appealing reasons to work at Beacon. It’s been a nice transition to work in a different culture other than a large corporation.

What Motivates Me

I like learning new things and self-learning is something I’ve been working to improve on now that I’ve been out of college for a while. Working at Beacon provides the structure to assist with this and there are many opportunities to learn through the work I do here. I am also motivated to continue growing as a software engineer and I’ve gotten great exposure to new and exciting technologies since joining Beacon. I’ve also always been interested in finance and I enjoy seeing how our company and clients operate. This is something that’s difficult to learn from a book; so these real-life experiences at Beacon have been great.  

Upcoming Goal

I’d like to continue growing as a software engineer. It’s a vast field and there’s lots to learn. I’ve always been open to learning new things, so if there’s an opportunity to step up where I need to, I’m ready. 

Fast Trivia:


Rock/classic rock. Movie soundtracks if I need help focusing.


Movie: Lord of the Rings series and TV: Breaking Bad


Harry Potter series

Favorite Trips




Favorite Things

Running, playing video games, and exploring art 

Little Known Fact

Hobby doing 3D digital sculpting (computer graphics)

Joined Beacon

March 2021


University of Delaware: Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems, Minor: Computer Science


Newark, Delaware

Work Location

New York