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PIMCO Case Study: Transforming Spreadsheets into Scalable Cloud Objects and Increasing Returns

Learn how premier asset manager PIMCO is transforming their massive analytics spreadsheets into scalable and shareable cloud-powered tools, increasing the scale and speed of their analytics and boosting returns.


“By using the Beacon platform we are increasing the speed of our innovation cycle and driving down the cost to explore our data and leverage our analytics.”

Dirk Manelski, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, PIMCO

PIMCO wanted to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and find a more scalable platform to support scenario analysis and stress testing. Kirat Singh, Beacon’s CEO, helped analyze the sample spreadsheets supplied by PIMCO’s team and designed a transformation into Beacon’s dependency graph framework to reduce the dimensionality – collapsing a spreadsheet with almost one million formulas into just 160 unique ones while maintaining its structure and functionality. 

With PIMCO’s inspiration, Beacon produced an Excel Evaluator that can efficiently read and transform a spreadsheet into a backend model in a matter of seconds. As the project has evolved, Beacon can now handle extremely sophisticated Excel constructs, array ranges, tables, and argument passing by value and reference.

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