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Alla Liberman

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Alla Liberman has more than 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth financial businesses. As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees Beacon’s strategic and operational functions, including product, legal, HR, governance, and compliance. As Chief Financial Officer, her experience in risk, financing, and cash management are very valuable to Beacon. Before joining Beacon in 2021, Alla managed global macroeconomic risks and portfolios for hedge funds and asset management companies, including Citadel and Point72. Prior to that, she served for 12 years as Managing Director at JPMorgan and then Royal Bank of Canada, growing the banks’ internal fixed income investment businesses. Alla graduated with a bachelor of science degree from NYU Stern. She serves on the Executive Board of NYU’s Stern School of Business and the advisory board of Million Dollar Women.

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