NEW YORK, April 19, 2021 — Beacon Platform is pleased to announce that a global institutional asset management firm is partnering with Beacon to extend the capabilities of their commodities portfolios.

This partnership aims to extend the capabilities of Beacon’s Core and Front Office Suite products for commodities to include real-time risk and reporting, backtesting, and stress testing functionality. Combined with existing features, this institutional asset management firm now has a powerful and flexible platform for aggregated exposure reporting, aggregated risk reporting, flexible stress and scenario analysis, and the ability to run valuations through different versions/sets of data.

The asset manager’s investment teams will use Beacon Platform for commodities front office pricing, valuation, and risk management, integrated with their internal books of record systems. Beacon will interact with and capture trading information and generate the desired PnL, risk scenarios, and risk metrics and related reports. The system will use a combination of Beacon’s standard models and the client’s proprietary models and analytics, developed with Beacon’s integrated development environment and buy and build model. Transparent source code licenses ensure that the client retains full visibility of all functionality and ownership of their intellectual property.

In addition to the new functionality, the investment teams will use Beacon Platform for pre-trade analytics, risk management, market data management, and visualizations.

Pre-trade analytics: Beacon Trade Blotter provides tools for structuring and pricing deals, pre-trade and scenario analysis, and scenario generation. It also enables intraday view of risk on pre-trade, and when integrated with existing books of portfolio, strategy ‘what if’ and backtesting capabilities. 

Risk Management: Beacon’s risk applications generate real-time risk positions, valuation, PnL, financial positions, and attributions. Beacon calculates Value at Risk (VaR) across the whole portfolio in near-real-time, leveraging the company’s dependency graph capabilities to dramatically reduce the compute resources required. 

Data Management: Data warehousing and time series management tools enable bi-temporal storage of market, trade, and reference data, enabling time travel and comparison between any two states. Powerful job scheduler automates data processing and monitoring, including data analysis reports and multiple market close and EOD snapshots.

Visualization and reporting: A wide range of included visualization and reporting tools enable faster data exploration and customized reporting. For example, EOD snapshots including archived positions, market data, and PnL, with full replicability, lifecycle management, and complete audit trail.

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