“The ability to interact, teach, and impact individuals in my field is something I value highly”.


Typical Day

First Things

  • Have breakfast with my daughter
  • Internal “Cross-pond”meetings


  • Team meetings with New York
  • Taking care of client priorities
  • Spend the rest of the day coding

Last Things

  • Family time
  • Plan my to-do’s for the next day. I believe it’s possible to keep a fairly rigid schedule and have time for leisure

From the early days of Beacon

At Beacon, I am Principal Co-Head of Front Office Suite product. I run a development team responsible for building our financial analytics and risk management applications. My team and I provide the technology for our clients to leverage Beacon’s risk management foundation and focus their efforts on their proprietary commercial technologies.

Great Startup Opportunities

Working at a startup, I had the ability to transition into the next phase of my career. A goal of mine was always to remain a hands-on developer when the time came to move on from a 15 year career in finance at one of the largest financial institutions. It so happened that Beacon checked all the boxes I looked for. I wanted a smaller company where I had a discernible influence on the company.

What Motivates Me

The people around me motivate me to work hard everyday. Back when I was an intern I connected with the people using the software we designed and built together. Over my career people, many that I may never know, would come to use what I built but nonetheless the idea of creating something that enables and empowers other people is what brings me joy as a technologist. It’s fun working with interesting and talented people which makes my job not seem like “work” at all.

Upcoming Goals

As Beacon continues to grow our clients need to grow with us. One advantage of our platform is that we quickly deploy new features and incorporate new technologies. One challenge we have that we’re working to resolve is to keep clients abreast of what’s new and well positioned to take advantage of new platform capabilities. In addition I’d like to build and develop our team to cover our increasingly broad range of clients.

Fast Trivia:


I think sports are great to watch as a social activity. Personally, I don’t get to play sports, but soccer is my sport.


90’s and early 2000’s musics are my jam


Most watched show in our household is Curious George.


Tokyo was one of the most interesting places I’ve traveled. It is a very different experience from the major cities elsewhere in the world. One of the coolest things I experienced in Japan was the bullet train!


Comfort foods! Yes, I’m always up to trying new things, but when it comes down to my favorites. It is always the simplest meals that satisfy me the most.

Favorite Things

Spending time with my daughter. Time permitting, I will play the occasional video game, but mostly I am collecting them to finish when I retire.

Joined Beacon

November, 2015


Computer Science, Morehouse College


Evanston, Illinois

Work Location

New York, New York