Accelerating technology.  

One customer at a time.

From startup hedge funds to some of the largest investment banks and asset managers in the world, our clients span a wide range of financial services and commodities trading companies. Because our cloud-based platform is designed to be both flexible and customizable, companies with vastly different needs can easily build the solutions they need to achieve their business goals.  

"With its cloud-native infrastructure and unique “buy and build on top” transparent source, Beacon allows us to enter new markets, streamline operational workflows, and leverage our proprietary pricing and analytics. Beacon enables us to better serve our clients, both internal and external. Beacon empowers our developers and quants with the latest technologies and frees us to focus on the commercial aspects of our business." 

-Managing Director,

SMBC Capital Markets

Investment Banks

Beacon’s platform evolved from the proprietary technology solutions built for some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, including SecDB at Goldman Sachs and Athena at
JP Morgan. With Beacon, investment banks of all sizes can now take advantage of the next generation of enterprise platform technology - and compete on a more level playing field.   


Commonwealth Bank of Australia selected Beacon's platform to be deployed to developers and business users across multiple asset classes (Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Derivatives) to support its Global Markets business with sophisticated analytics for trading & sales.

Asset Management

By providing an integrated solution for infrastructure, pre-trade analytics, and post-trade risk management, Beacon makes it easy for portfolio managers, traders, and quantitative researchers to leverage the tools they need. And build their competitive edge.

"Our portfolio managers around

the world will have broad access to Beacon’s platform for faster and more efficient use of PIMCO's proprietary risk analytics and quantitative research, helping them implement investment strategies to deliver attractive returns for our clients.” 


- Emmanuel Roman,

Chief Executive Officer, PIMCO

"It takes a larger

insurance company months

to put together a scenario that stresses the entire company across assets and liabilities. With the enterprise risk infrastructure being built with Beacon, we will be able to do it in days." 


– Chief Risk Officer,

Global Atlantic Financial Group


Beacon empowers insurance companies by allowing them to quickly modernize and customize technology for their unique needs. By leveraging our cloud-based platform, they can create best-in-class risk management, portfolio management, asset/liability management solutions, and more. 


PIMCO integrated Beacon's platform with its valuation models, risk analytics and technology.

The platform is deployed globally to deliver proprietary models developed in-house by PIMCO’s quantitative analysts and technologists and will support the firm’s 240 portfolio managers around the world.

Global Atlantic Financial Group, uses Beacon as a complement to its internal capabilities for a variety of risk and investment management needs, including analytics, reporting, and flexible cloud-based computing.


Beacon makes it easy for commodity traders to leverage and customize Beacon’s powerful integrated CTRM system. By leveraging our transparent code and enterprise development platform, they can quickly customize and extend the system, enabling their entire company to work more efficiently from a single, comprehensive toolkit. 

"Just one week after the start of our pilot project, we were able to run VaR on our financial trading portfolio in Beacon."

"Axpo US is leveraging Beacon to drive our customer business forward by providing a cost-effective solution to price both simple and highly complex deals and manage our risk in an efficient, sustainable manner."

- Jeremy Wodakow,

Head of Axpo US

- Peter Bradley, CEO, 

Javelin Global



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