“It’s definitely not a traditional P.M. role of status updates and keeping things moving. Being a P.M. at Beacon gives me the opportunity to be a part of everything from requirement gathering, to full implementations of the Beacon platform.”


Typical Day

First Things

  • I like a routine, so every morning I start off with a morning workout and 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • Read and follow up on emails then file them to their appropriate folders
  • Recap yesterday’s meeting minutes and send out while having my morning coffee


  • London internal meeting to touch base with team
  • Meetings with European clients
  • When I have a good chunk of (meeting-less) time I either work on internal process documentation or creating workflow and/or system diagrams for projects

Last Things

  • A catchup with S.J., Head of the Project Management team to bounce ideas off one another
  • Check-in with my internal team members in NY
  • Meetings with North American clients

Expanding the team to London

I am a Project Manager, based in London. I started at Beacon in the New York office after about a year in NYC moved to London to help build the Project Management team here. In my position, other than “managing projects”, I work with clients from opportunity to account management. When working with a new client I help understand and refine requirements necessary to deploy Beacon within the clients tech stack whether that is in a proof of concept or full implementation project. Throughout my past few years at Beacon I’ve been focused on commodities projects and since moving to London helping with all our European clients. Some of the public clients I work with are Axpo, Javelin, and Statkraft.

Great Startup Opportunities

Beacon allows me to wear multiple hats. After college, I started at JP Morgan working as a Technology Project Manager for a small team that impacted a big process. Developing new features and deploying code was a monolithic process. Coming to Beacon things are fast paced and no day is ever the same. I prefer my current job, which ranges from scoping out a project with a client, engaging with presales, helping manage our internal Front Office Suite (F.O.S) team or documenting P.M processes and workflows. I enjoy working with clients and seeing the positive impacts that come along with it.

What Motivates Me

Collaborating and working with people, from clients to developers, is a huge motivating factor for me. I like being able to solve a problem and see the outcome help solve a clients problem. Another motivation for me is my team. The Project Management team is very close, fun and trusting, as is the whole company. The company gives me the opportunity to do my job how I see fit and values ideas I bring to the table, even as a junior P.M. The trust makes me feel valued, and motivates me to think about work even after the day is done!

Upcoming Goals

During quarantine, I have been doing some research and I would like to pursue a Technical MBA from NYU. It’ll help me gain knowledge on the business side of organizations, learn more on what makes for a successful company and brush up on my technical skills. This is a personal goal of mine, but I believe that it will also help Beacon. I would like to manage larger and more complex implementation projects, and help with some of the challenges that come with scaling a startup.

Fast Trivia:


I grew up playing Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse


All flavors of Indie Music. But can’t forget about EDM and Rap for getting pumped up


Scent of a Woman


Skiing in Val d’Isère, France was mind-blowingly beautiful and I love winter sports


Steak Fajitas hit the spot everytime

Favorite Things

Exercising, especially running, going to see live music, and hanging out with friends

Joined Beacon

September 2017


Bachelor’s in Information Management Technology, with a minor in Global Enterprise Technology, Syracuse University


Augusta, Maine

Work Location

London, U.K.