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Beacon Promotes Beacon App Store with Introduction of Beacon Developer Network

June 16, 2022 – Beacon Platform is pleased to announce the Beacon App Store and Beacon Developer Network.

On May 19, 2022 in New York and online, Beacon Platform Inc. held an invitation-only conference for its Customers and Partners where it formally launched its App Store, a digital exchange for App Providers to build, test, and deploy apps directly to Beacon’s Customers. During the event, Beacon Customers and Partners shared the solutions they have built on Beacon Platform to gain a better understanding of how they can work together to accelerate innovation in the financial services industry.

Introducing the Beacon Developer Network

In conjunction with the App Store launch, Beacon announced the Beacon Developer Network. As application providers, data providers, and service providers turn to Beacon Platform to catalyze industry interactions and innovation, the Beacon Developer Network will be the ecosystem that enables platform participants to train, certify, and keep up to date with best practices as well as share tools, ideas, apps, and analytics with Customers and Partners. The robust foundation of the Developer Network consists of Beacon’s own world class developers as well as its Customers’ developer teams and certified Service Provider developers.

“Our mission is to assist our Customers’ and Partners’ success by operating and promoting the ecosystem on the Beacon Platform. We drive value creation far beyond what individual participants can achieve by themselves. We take pride in bringing together Customers and Partners in our ecosystem and enabling them to interact and innovate in ways that haven’t been yet imagined,” said Ryo Shimizu, Global Head of Apps and Partnerships, Beacon Platform Inc. “The Beacon Developer Network expands our mission to support these vital, evolving relationships.”

“Beacon Developer Network and the App Store is a much anticipated step forward for us. Together, it will enable companies like Essentia to forge a rich, collaborative relationship with both Beacon Platform Inc. and mutual Customers,” said Brian Shydlo, Partner, Essentia Advisory Partners, LLC.

The Beacon Developer Network consists of three components that work together to foster an ecosystem atop Beacon Platform:

Beacon App Store: A catalyst for innovation and interaction between Customers and Partners, the digital exchange enables App Providers to build, test, and deploy apps directly on the Beacon Platform. Customers can explore and integrate apps into their businesses by choosing from a variety of applications across multiple segments. Customers can also deploy their analytics to other Beacon Customers via the App Store. Learn more about the Beacon App Store here.

Providers (Application, Data, and Service): A growing selection of third-party providers offer best-in-class analytics and services on the Beacon Platform. App Providers create solutions on Beacon that supplement Beacon’s Front Office Suite or deliver stand-alone functionality. Data Providers will be able to seamlessly provide data to Beacon Customers via the Beacon Market Data plugin architecture. Certified Service Providers help accelerate all aspects of a Beacon implementation.

Beacon University: Beacon’s official training and certification portal is an important piece of Beacon’s strategy for scaling the Beacon Developer Network. With a variety of learning paths and a discussion forum, Beacon University augments Beacon’s Technical Documentation and provides Customers and Partners with a learning platform to rapidly build up expertise. Optional Beacon Certification Exams help identify technical competencies for several different roles, such as Quant, Core, DevOps, and Architecture.

About Beacon Platform, Inc.

Beacon Platform moves financial markets into the future with secure and scalable quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. The integrated development environment and web application framework make developing applications faster and easier. Born from decades of collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform gives you the robustness and flexibility of these powerful tools. See how you can increase the return on research and development investments from Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, risk management, and more at beacon.io/developers.