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The apps, tools, and infrastructure quant developers need to move closer to the business, build differentiating strategies, and gain a competitive edge.

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Our Extensible Platform: Integrate, Build, Test, Deploy

Our open, collaborative developer platform equips your teams with everything they need to integrate with existing systems and data, rapidly build, test, and deploy trading and risk applications, and customize analytics and models with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable and controlled cloud environments, so you can shift resources from infrastructure to innovation and enjoy the performance, security, and cost savings

Developer Experience

Open and customizable code base with an extensive suite of tools and workflows to empower developers, increase efficiency, and accelerate time to market


Prebuilt tools for trading and risk management with a transparent code base and high customizability

Built By Financial Experts, For Financial Experts

Informed by decades of experience in financial services, our solutions address a wide range of needs, from whole portfolio and multi-asset risk management to workflow automation and cloud migration – and everything in between.

Portfolio Management

Optimize your trades and holdings with comprehensive and customizable analytics across the enterprise

Risk Management

Aggregate, model, and manage risk across all asset classes from a single platform, using standard or proprietary pricing models and analytics

Sales & Trading

Integrate diverse datasets and analytics to evaluate performance across books, portfolios, and asset classes

Application Development

Build, test, configure, and deploy cloud-native applications at scale through our developer platform

Cloud Migration

Leverage cloud computing resources for faster results and better insights from your secure, automated, and cost-effective cloud domain

Helping Innovators Gain Their Edge

From the world’s most established firms to emerging players, our platform can help any company generate better insights and take their business to the next level.

Improve risk management and visibility, centralize risk analytics across multiple asset classes, unifying models, instruments, data, and workflows

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Optimize position and portfolio management for asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, and pensions, generating greater returns for clients

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Seamlessly adapt to rapidly shifting markets and incorporate new financial instruments

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Maximize speed and efficiency, even when trading less liquid assets

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Client Stories

We Are Beacon Quant Developers Traders Risk Managers

With decades of financial markets experience, broad technical expertise, and a client service orientation, we stand ready to help you build innovative strategies, capture emerging opportunities, and accelerate time to market.

Our Partnership Approach

With our vast network of partnerships and relationships, there’s no limit to how our technology can benefit your business.

Solution Partners

Blend software solutions and vendors to create bespoke trading ecosystems

Technology Partners

Operate across any cloud or database and leverage partner distribution channels

Data Partners

Deploy apps with pre-enabled market data, diversifying information available to end users

Service Partners

Provide customers with trusted and validated experts to help with any and all aspects of a Beacon project

News, Insights, and Resources

Announcements and perspectives on key issues in technology, investment management, and capital markets

Alternative investments are projected to increase significantly over the next few years, growing from $9.3 trillion AUM in 2022 to $18.3 trillion in 2027. Interest

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The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI late last year has taken the world by storm. Enterprises around the world have seen the tremendous potential of

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