Please join our Co-founder Mark Higgins, for an introduction to the Beacon Platform.

This product demo will explain how Beacon helps financial institutions effectively manage risk on derivatives portfolios intraday, and at scale.

As a former quant and market-maker, Mark recognizes how challenging it is to manage risk in the current environment. One of the reasons he co-founded Beacon was to build a superior risk system that both dealers and their clients could use to navigate markets in good times and bad.


What you’ll learn in 30 minutes:

  • Why quants, engineers, and traders should use the same platform to manage risk and better serve their clients
  • How to use Beacon for intraday pricing and risk reporting
  • Why risk system flexibility during volatile markets is important and how to make quick, controlled changes in Beacon
  • How you can try Beacon in your own secure and segregated environment
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