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Webinar: Engineering a New Financial Product in Beacon

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New derivative products are being invented all the time, creating new opportunities for hedging investments or adding additional assets and markets to a portfolio. Businesses that can add these new products into their systems quickly can beat out slower competitors and potentially make more money, sooner. However, many businesses take a long time to deploy new financial products into their trading systems because quants do not have a fast and secure way to get code into production, delaying their profitability and often reducing the potential gain. 

Beacon makes it easy to build a new product in a development area, integrate in-house data and quant analytics, test it at scale, review with a model risk team, plug it into trading and risk applications, and deploy it to production, while still satisfying the complex set of technology and governance controls of modern institutions.

Beacon Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer Mark Higgins will take participants through the process of building a new financial instrument in Beacon. He will use a European dual digital option as an example, which pays out if both the S&P and USDJPY FX breach barriers on an expiration date. Participants will see how Beacon’s integrated platform streamlines development, testing, and deployment so that your desk can start trading as quickly as possible.

What you will learn:


      • How to build a new financial product in Beacon from concept to production

      • Building basic analytics for a new financial instrument

      • Testing and deploying to production

    • Running risk and PNL reports on deals