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Sales Operations Specialist- A Day in the Life: MJ Machel

“All data tells a story, and I love to dig in and make sure all the pieces are there.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Coffee
  • Calendar
  • Check Emails
  • Dive in to work
  • What work do I owe somebody? I keep a running to do list


  • Eat a quick lunch at my desk, and occasionally take my dog for a lunchtime walk 
  • Meetings throughout the day
  • Alternating from bigger projects to smaller tasks I can accomplish faster 
  • Looking at data in Google Sheets, Pitchbook, ZoomInfo, Salesforce
  • Meeting with Sales, Marketing, and SDRs throughout the day 

Last Things

  • Identify the final thing you want to complete for the day
  • Get outside for fresh air and exercise 
  • Carpooling to football for my son
  • Cooking and straightening up the house
  • Ending the day with a mindless TV show to unwind and decompress


I am Beacon’s Sales Operation Specialist. I am a problem solver, and my role involves cross functional work in an effort to make sure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. In order to do this, I implement new processes and enhance existing processes to ensure data integrity and reliability. These new initiatives usually take place in Salesforce. I watch data move from our website through a form (Marketing Team), to the Sales Development Rep, to the Sales Executive, to the Client Team, to the Accounting Team, and to the Quarterly Business Reviews. All data tells a story, and I love to dig in and make sure all the pieces are there.

Great Startup Opportunities

At a startup you get to see innovative ideas that solve problems you didn’t know existed. This leads to a new path of learning and growing professionally, which I always want to continue to do. I come with my area of expertise and learn how to apply that in this new environment. I’ve noticed there are incredibly smart and passionate people at a startup all hoping to take the company to the next level.

What Motivates Me

I like feeling like I am part of a team and making a difference for the company I work for. I enjoy collaborating on building solutions, implementing new strategies, and handling requests for analytics needed to be able to review and discuss a certain area of the business.

Upcoming Goal

I would like to continue to implement processes and make enhancements to help Beacon utilize and improve our data. In addition, over the next few months I would like to spend 1-2 hours a week on professional development.

Fast Trivia:


Alternative Indie / Pearl Jam growing up, Mumford & Sons, The Revivalists, The Lumineers


Empire, Black List, True Detective, Modern Family, The Office, Schitts Creek, Vikings

Favorite Trips

Hiking the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Mt. Washington 


Steak & Baked Potato, Kung Pao Chicken, Street Tacos, Chopped Salad

Favorite Things

Family, my golden doodle (Dallas), the beach, hiking, biking (being outside), and laughing

Little Known Fact

I have a twin sister 

I’ve skydived 17 times! 

Joined Beacon

December 2022


Central, New Britain


East Hampton, CT

Work Location

New York, NY