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Senior Sales Engineer A Day in the Life: Shuang Liang

Typical Days

First things

  • Start my day with yoga practice and meditation
  • Grab a coffee and breakfast if I can resist my urge to check overnight emails and Slack first, otherwise in the reverse order! 
  • Make a list of priorities for the workday
  • Attend meetings


  • If I’m back in the office, I like to spend time with my colleagues over lunch. 
  • Every day is different. Depending on the current focus, I may spend time on preparing for or giving a demo, building demo assets or working on a Proof of Concept (POC) project if I’m in the middle of one.
  • On a nice day and if I have some time, I’ll take a walk.

Last Things

  • Spend time learning by reading or watching videos
  • Review what I wasn’t able to finish during the day
  • Create a to-do list in preparation of the next workday  


As a Sales Engineer, our team works with various groups across the company, primarily with Sales, to help demonstrate the capabilities of the Beacon platform and close deals. Broadly, there are a few different focus areas: preparing for and delivering demos, working on POCs to help our prospects solve their business challenges with Beacon, crafting demo assets that allow us to showcase the platform, and working on special projects. Everyone on the team contributes in different ways based on our strengths and skill sets. We complement each other well and come together as a great team. At the same time, you are always encouraged to explore new territories andnot be pigeonholed in one focus area.

Great Startup Opportunities 

Having been at a large company for a few years, I missed working in an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, embraces thought leadership, and empowers employees to get creative and innovate. I enjoy wearing different hats, brainstorming ideas, and working hands-on to drive projects to completion. Working at Beacon allows me to do that every day. There are also many opportunities here at Beacon to make an impact. We are encouraged and welcome to participate in different functions across the company and contribute in any way we can. Finally, the people. Everyone (including our CEO!) always has their door open and is willing to help any time. You can learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry here at Beacon. 

What Motivates Me

Empowering others, working with and helping my team, and showcasing Beacon. I like to be challenged and problem solve. I enjoy finding gaps and thinking creatively to come up with the best solutions, from helping our customers to improving internal processes. 

Upcoming Goals 

I’d like to continue building new demos assets to show prospective clients the value propositions of Beacon and how these can help their business.

Fast Trivia


The Office & Seinfeld on repeat, and live sports 

Travel Location

Chilean Patagonia (Aysen region). The scenery is so beautiful and diverse, each day you see something new. It’s also off the beaten path, you have the whole place to yourself!


Chinese food (can’t have enough hot pot) and anything spicy


A recent favorite is Anxious People by Frederick Backman

Mystery Talent

When I was a kid, I was a national champion in the board game, Gomoku

Favorite Things 

Besides travel, I’m a big sports fan, especially football and baseball. I also really enjoy attending live sports events (half way through all the ballparks in the country!).

Joined Beacon

November 2021


Johns Hopkins (Masters, Financial Mathematics) and University of International Business and Economics (Finance), CFA and FRM®


Beijing, China

Work Location

New York