Adaptable, Real-Time Sales and Trading Solutions

Integrate diverse datasets and analytics to evaluate performance across books and portfolios and readily adapt to market changes

Move at the Speed of the Market

Accessing accurate and timely data, collaborating across teams, and gaining a full view of risks and exposures are key challenges that can be solved through an evolved approach to sales and trading. We make it easy to consolidate information and act quickly and confidently to improve performance.

Why Work with Beacon to Enhance Sales and Trading?

Our sales and trading solutions help your teams stay informed, adapt to evolving markets, and make decisions more confidently.

Faster Time to Market

Bring new products to market faster by making it easier for your quants to collaborate with the trading business

Powerful Risk Management

Access the right data and models in real time to price and structure trades and measure risk with confidence

Critical Data Connectivity

Capture, update, and integrate with markets, contract details, exchanges, and execution venues

Streamlined Workflows

Centralize sales and trading processes, automate tasks, and improve collaboration on quotes, validation checks, and trade execution

Cross-Asset Analytics and Applications That Inform and Empower in Real Time

Our robust suite of sales and trading applications and tools enable your teams to rapidly adapt to changes in the market and manage positions with confidence.

Instrument Coverage

Integrate and customize financial instruments, pricing models, and datasets that can be seamlessly configured to slot into front-office applications

Real-Time Risk Analytics

View market conditions from all angles using the most up-to-date data available

Pre-Trade Structuring

Easily collaborate across teams to price trade ideas, construct sample portfolios, and run risk reports and scenario analyses

Trade Execution and Management

Monitor all trades in real time, gain insight into all risk exposures, and identify potential issues across books, portfolios, and asset classes

Marking Tools

Create and amend forward prices, shapes, correlations, volatilities, and other variable quantity inputs

Workflow Orchestration

Automate formerly manual tasks in the deal approval workflow, from data extraction and validation to reporting

Sales and Trading Solutions in Action

News and perspectives on how cloud-based technology and advanced workflow tools streamline the creation and maximize the productivity and performance of sales and trading.

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