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RocketFin Joins the Beacon Developer Network as a Certified Development Partner

Financial services advisory and implementation firm, RocketFin has joined the Beacon Developer Network as a Certified Development Partner, ahead of their demonstration of a proof-of-concept app at the Beacon Developer Conference later this month.  

After several years working alongside and for financial technology company, Beacon, this step cements RocketFin’s relationship with Beacon and is a testament to the value of RocketFin’s contribution to the Beacon community to date. 

RocketFin’s industry clients span most tradeable asset classes, including Commodity and Power, Asset Management, Insurance and Capital Markets trading. Projects have included LIBOR migration, asset/liability management, and VaR performance. 

Recently announced as a co-sponsor of the Beacon Developer Conference, taking place in London on 9th March 2023, RocketFin will demonstrate a proof-of-concept app that helps clients quickly reduce the impact of market data gaps on VaR and Expected Shortfall. This critical regulatory reporting requirement comes into effect in 2024. RocketFin’s app enables users to improve market data coverage, save valuable developer resources, and reduce the onboarding time and costs for new products and portfolios.

Espen Skogen, Managing Director and Co-founder of RocketFin, said, “Our focus has been providing the highest quality engineering solutions to integrate Beacon and to build quantitative risk solutions for our clients. Through these efforts, we have developed a strong team of Beacon Certified Engineers, and we look forward to working alongside Beacon and our clients for many years to come!” 

To find out more about RocketFin and their advisory and technical delivery services, please visit: https://www.rocketfin.co.uk/ 

About RocketFin 

RocketFin is a financial services advisory and implementation firm formed by industry veterans from capital markets, core banking, and insurance backgrounds. They focus on the functions of trading, operations, regulatory compliance, technology, and risk. The RocketFin senior team have decades of experience at leading financial companies, including JP Morgan, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of America. The firm has offices in London, Toronto, and New York and a near-shore delivery centre in Malta focused on building technology solutions. RocketFin offers advisory and technical delivery services to sell-side, buy-side and FMI firms. https://www.rocketfin.co.uk/ 

About Beacon Platform

Beacon Platform ushers in the future of financial markets with secure and scalable quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front-office applications. Its unique integrated development environment and web application framework make developing fintech applications faster and more accessible to clients beyond the largest investment banks. Bringing decades of collective experience developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, Beacon Platform offers its clients the robustness of these powerful tools with an unprecedented new layer of flexibility and security. To learn more about Beacon’s next-generation platform for enterprise-scale analytics, trading, and risk management, visit at www.beacon.io.