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Marketing and Events Coordinator – A Day in the Life: Katrina deLyra

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my professional career. I have the opportunity to make such an impact with my work, while getting to work with and learn from some of the smartest people in the financial industry.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Check Slack and email to ensure anything either from the day before or the EMEA sales team needs to be addressed immediately 
  • Update my ongoing to-do list for the day
  • Make coffee and prioritize my tasks 
  • Participate in team meetings to discuss ongoing and future Marketing and Sales projects


  • Take a quick break from the screen by either walking my dogs or going on a short run 
  • Do action items such as creating a marketing content piece, working in Salesforce, reviewing video content, coordinating with our clients and partners, conducting follow-ups with an SME or spending time on in-house events and conferences
  • Make external calls for marketing projects
  • Send award submissions and conference requests

Last Things

  • Review my to-do list 
  • Work on creative projects (aka my art projects) including LinkedIn and Google ads, respond to Slack, and conduct additional follow-ups
  • Work out and get together with friends
  • Spend time on my guilty pleasure: looking at Facebook Marketplace for hidden gems to refurbish for my new apartment.I love DIY projects! 


As a Marketing and Events coordinator, I do a lot! I’m involved from beginning to end in content creation. I run Beacon’s website, Linkedin, YouTube, and Twitter. I also design and help run various types of ads on Linkedin, Google, and Outbrain, run our email marketing platform, and help with Salesforce administration on the digital side. I also schedule meetings with SMEs for blogs, videos, and whitepapers to ensure our writers have everything they need, oversee project timelines, coordinate across the entire company for marketing needs, create and update branding for sales presentations, coordinate Beacon’s webinars, roundtables, videos, and  produce sales collateral. In addition, I organize conferences and co-collaborations with our partners. I also coordinate Beacon events including the Beacon Developer Conference and smaller events for the sales team. 

Great Startup Opportunities

I started at Beacon in June 2020 as an intern, followed by a part-time role in my senior year of college and then as a full-time employee in June 2021. From the start, I have not only seen the  potential and the actual success that we’ve had as a platform, but I believe we are bringing people into the future of financial services by starting in the present and then staying on the cutting edge. I like having an important and impactful role so early in my career and appreciate the opportunities I have from the time I started as an intern, including learning from others with different backgrounds and knowledge. A traditional company would not offer this.  

What Motivates Me

I love getting things done; there’s also a great satisfaction in helping people with marketing. In my role, I love how people come to me as a resource whether they’re looking for something internally or for an external presentation. It’s also great bringing an idea to life through my work whether it’s a webinar, blog, or one pager. 

I also find it exciting to work on new things. We are at a pivotal time where we’re growing and as we are doing so, we’re laying down a foundation for a larger marketing team; that’s really intriguing to me. I enjoy collaborating with my team more and knowing that everyone has a part. This motivates me to do mine to the best of my ability.

Upcoming Goals

I have some ambitious ones. Here goes! 

  • Help build a solid foundation for our marketing team today and in the future as we evolve, enabling us to scale well and efficiently–just like companies can with Beacon’s platform
  • Build our brand awareness to become a name everyone knows and highly regards
  • Grow our Linkedin page to 10k followers
  • Create an extensive video library on different Beacon platform aspects
  • Participate in inaugural small sales events from the start of the process to managing the project timeline and ultimately meeting people in person 
  • Help grow the Beacon Developer Conference into a larger capacity
  • Grow with the company as a marketing professional
  • Help Marketing become an even greater contributor to the sales pipeline

Fast Trivia:


Rap, country (I know, total opposites)


I am a movie fan. The Marvel series is tops for me, but particularly Avengers: Age of Ultron is my favorite. I also recommend Top Gun: Maverick for something new. For TV, I like Stranger Things and Ozark. 


Where the Crawdads Sing and The Silent Patient 

Favorite Trips

Italy (Florence and the Amalfi Coast) and London. Locally, I love a spontaneous trip to Montauk with friends. 


Street tacos, fish, and charcuterie boards

Favorite Things

Spicy margaritas, the ocean, the moon, finding cool pieces to restore, house plants, boats, and working out

Little Known Fact

I have seven brothers and one sister–but I’m an only child!

Joined Beacon

June 2020


Stony Brook University: Business Management major, with finance and marketing specialties and a minor in technology


Sayville, New York

Work Location

New York