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Lead Security Engineer in Infra / Platform Engineering- A Day in the Life: Mika Bostrom

“I enjoy seeing how our company and clients operate. This is something that’s difficult to learn from a book, so these real-life experiences at Beacon have been enlightening.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Cross the garden to my shed where I work.
  • Prepare for any interviews and curate questions which are personal to the candidate.
  • Spend an hour or so on administrative work: checking Slack, emails, client communications, and answering questions which tend to be urgent as security is so time sensitive.


  • Stop for lunch and enjoy something usually prepared by my wife. We try to eat together, but her work schedule almost always gets in the way.
  • Attend meetings but try (and typically fail!) to keep Fridays meeting free.
  • Review contracts and deal with paperwork!
  • Spend the rest of the time at productive work, including both coding and code reviews.

Last Things

  • Send off anything for U.S. eyes by day’s end.
  • Shut down my computer and leave the shed.
  • Aim for an hour-long walk each evening and check on the news with a podcast.
  • Travel into London a couple of times per month to see some comedy, or meet with my tribe.


I usually call myself the “security person” at Beacon, but this leaves a lot of questions open about what it is I do. If an issue involves security regarding practice, policy, product, or code, it usually ties back to me. I also get to work with most of Beacon’s other teams and so I often have a lot on my plate.

Great Startup Opportunities

I came across Beacon by accident; we can blame that on (or give kudos to) my recruiter. After looking at the job spec and speaking with Beacon, I decided that I liked the people, liked the idea of the company, and liked not being confined to a pigeonhole. Before I joined Beacon and started working in financial services I had worked in the gambling industry, everything from system integration to logistics. 

What Motivates Me

I don’t like being confined to a box and my job here is accommodating to that. Also, I’m determined to change the expectations of what it means for something to be secure. I believe that usability has to come first, with security being an end result.

Upcoming Goal

Apart from putting usability first, my goal is to build a team who can do what we need to, in a way which I believe works the best. On a more personal level, I am finding more time to exercise a new hobby that I picked up over lockdown: trying stand-up comedy. I’ve been told I have a habit of using comedic effects and so I started studying stand-up. Although it’s nerve wracking, it’s a fun challenge. And enjoyable.

Fast Trivia:


Pink Floyd’s album, The Division Bell


My favorite movie is Usual Suspects, and for TV, The Wire.


I devour books!  My favorite of the classics is The Count of Monte Cristo and from the modern era, Dan Simmons’ Hyperion.

Favorite Trips



Almost anything properly slow-cooked or barbecued. Or lemon sole if available.

Favorite Things

I love cycling, but unfortunately live at the bottom of a valley, so whatever direction I choose to cycle in I have to go 2.5 kilometers uphill straight away.

Little Known Fact

I have a penchant for pranks and stunts. I think leaving people with a funny memory is better than leaving them with nothing at all.

Joined Beacon

August 2021


Lappeenranta University of Technology: M.Sc., Software Engineering


I grew up in Helsinki, Finland, but have been in the U.K. for nine years. This country is still too cold for my liking, but less so than Finland.

Work Location