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Lead Business Analyst – A Day in the Life: Kathryn Furness

It’s the people that make Beacon what it is.

Typical Day

First Things

  • Start my day with a walk and daily stretch.
  • Check overnight emails and Slack from the NY team.
  • Review projects (client facing and internal) and respond to queries.
  • Create a to-do list and organize my morning. 
  • Eat breakfast in the garden when I can!


  • Everyday is different but I typically run scoping calls and design sessions for client projects.
  • Work on scope statements, architecture diagrams, and functional requirements documents.
  • Continue my learning on Beacon Platform including new functionality.
  • Work on internal improvement projects to enhance our business analysis processes and workflows.
  • Eat lunch with London office team members or go for a walk. 

Last Things

  • Complete my to-do list and create a new one for the next work day. 
  • Respond to unanswered emails before I log off for the day. 
  • End my day by playing tennis or meeting up with friends.


My role has changed a lot recently. I have transitioned over from a Project Manager to run our new Business Analysis function. Our team is responsible for gathering client requirements, translating them into technical solutions, and acting as the central source for information between all teams internally. This includes identifying if a requirement is out of the box vs. a custom implementation and looping back to our product team on any product gaps. We host design sessions, document all requirements, draw up architecture diagrams, and participate in large client implementation projects including proof of concepts and scope of work.

Great Startup Opportunities

I come from a traditional finance background but I wanted to work for a smaller company, like a start-up. I had heard about Beacon; I liked its culture and the way the company is run. Now that I’m here, it’s definitely all about the people. 

Beacon is full of smart and passionate people with a wealth of experience. Someone said to me when I interviewed, if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room! I am constantly learning from some of the best in the industry here. People show a lot of energy to create and improve things; everyone welcomes input from different areas, empowering people to be creative, problem solve, and take action. 

What Motivates Me

I love seeing the impact of your work and feeling that you make a difference. I also enjoy problem solving and the challenge of creating and improving processes to improve our offering to clients. Beacon offers a lot of opportunities to contribute and wear different hats. If you see a gap, don’t assume someone else is doing it. If you have an idea, put it forward. 

Upcoming Goal

We recently built business analysis out as a function within project management. My upcoming goal is to build out our workflows and processes for the function, and standardize the way we do scoping for client projects. And get the team up and running!

Fast Trivia:


I’m open as I like all kinds but favourites would be Indie and Classical.


I’m more into movies vs. TV. A few favorites include Hidden Figures, Imitation Game, Lord of the Rings, and anything by screenwriter Richard Curtis (e.g. Notting Hill).


Favorite authors include Liane Moriarty, Diane Chamberlain, and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (books and movies).

Favorite Trips

Traveling to America including a California road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and driving across to Las Vegas.


Anything fun to cook and share, Mexican, Greek, and Spanish tapas

Favorite Things

Tennis (playing and watching), ballet, theater, and exploring the countryside with family 

Little Known Fact

I started ballet when I was 16 and I ran the Ballet Society while at university. I also mentor university students to help kickstart the next generation of females in tech. 

Joined Beacon

August 2021


University of East Anglia: BSc, Mathematics


Ipswich, Suffolk

Work Location