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IT Support Engineer – A Day in the Life: Carlo Clarke

“While I was drawn to Beacon’s amazing people, more specifically, the technologies that Beacon uses was the greatest allure to working here.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Wake up at 6 a.m., like clockwork, and make breakfast 
  • Read emails to see if anything’s pending
  • Prepare for the work day: take notes about the previous day, meet with my team, and determine if any changes need to be made
  • Read a novel before officially starting my work day 


  • Sit on my deck during lunch for some fresh air
  • Work on new hires stuff
  • Review open tickets and problem solve 

Last Things

  • Conduct security audits 
  • Review new hires setups and ensure they have everything they need
  • Review notes from the day and determine if any follow-ups are necessary
  • Prepare for the next work day
  • Hit the gym or find time for COD


I work on a four-person team where I focus on new hires, resolving support tickets, implementing new solutions, and fixing anything that has been broken. This assistance includes computers and speaker issues, hardware, configuring new applications and granting access to software. Beacon has been adding a lot of new hires each month so I’ve been keeping very busy. 

Great Startup Opportunities

This is my first time working at a startup; I previously worked in healthcare. While I was drawn to Beacon’s amazing people, more specifically, the technologies that Beacon uses was the greatest allure. I’m big on cloud technology including modification in the cloud, configuration, and infrastructure. When I saw that Beacon was doing all these things, it was like a complete turn on for me and I was just like yes, I have to work here! I want to be involved in everything. 

What Motivates Me

I was a college football player so I bring that same mindset to work: competing and working as a team, being an early riser and striving to do my best at work every day. I also aim for perfection to get the job done. 

Upcoming Goal

There’s a few certifications that I’m trying to obtain by year’s end. They will improve my knowledge and understanding of security so our team can further protect Beacon as well as automate some onboarding workflow processes.

Fast Trivia:


Rap and afrobeats


Peaky Blinders and Rick and Morty



Favorite Trips

Jamaica and Mexico


Jerk pork, rice and peas and cabbage, oxtail

Favorite Things

Going to the gym, video games, and sports (snowboarding is a new favorite)

Little Known Fact

I write poetry. (haven’t in a few months though but will pick this back up soon!)

Joined Beacon

June 2021


Pace University: B.S. (IT with a focus on networking) and M.S. (Cybersecurity)


White Plains, New York

Work Location

New York