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Enhancing Pre-Trade, Economic, and Post-Trade Risk Management at an Energy Trading Desk

Learn how a global physical energy supplier is building on top of Beacon’s out-of-the-box frameworks to deliver much higher confidence in the company’s risk exposure.

“Beacon is helping us become more sophisticated and risk-aware traders, increasing both the speed and confidence of our trades and portfolio exposure, and extending our visibility from six months to five years.” Vice President, Global Energy Trading

A leading global energy supplier wants to increase the size of its portfolio, but needs better tools to put the additional capital at risk. Beacon is working with the team to build new apps and analytics on top of the platform’s out-of-the-box financial engineering foundation to handle the complex contracts, logistics, and risks of different types of energy trading.

Beacon’s transparent source license and high-performance compute enable faster customization and more frequent calculations of trade and portfolio analytics. The net results are a platform that turns years of development into months and delivers a better understanding of the company’s portfolio exposure, risk-adjusted returns, and defensible mark to market.

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