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Webinar On Demand: Engineering a New Energy Instrument Option on a Renewable Energy Credit

Managing a portfolio that includes renewable energy instruments can be challenging. Generation, delivery, and consumption details can change with the weather and other external factors. Quickly extending these instruments into options with some delivery flexibility makes it easier to optimize delivery alternatives in different trading markets.

Beacon makes it easy to build an option onto a physical emission commodity, monitor details in trading apps, analyze potential risks, time travel and review delivery optionality, and customize the exercise tool. 

Beacon Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer Mark Higgins will take viewers through the process of adding an option to an existing physical emission  instrument in Beacon. He will use a Renewable Energy Certificate as an example, with some delivery optionality. Viewers will see how Beacon’s integrated platform streamlines development, testing, and deployment so that you can  as quickly as possible.

Please click the link below to view this webinar.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a new financial instrument in Beacon
  • How to display it in Beacon applications like Beacon Quote for pre-trade pricing and Trade Blotter for post-trade management
  • How to add the new instrument to a test portfolio and run risk reports
  • How to book a deal on the new instrument and manage its lifecycle, including partial exercise operations

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