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CME Group and Beacon Platform Simplify Data  Complexities with Integrated Market Data

Beacon Platform is pleased to announce the integration of CME Group’s data technology within the  Beacon platform, providing customers with a more flexible way to analyze and deploy CME Group’s  most accurate and reliable historical market data.  

Through this collaboration, Beacon customers can extract and scale data from CME DataMine  instantly, allowing them to bypass additional data engineering work and make data-driven decisions  more quickly. By removing the technical burdens, customers gain a competitive edge bygetting to the  datasets faster, freeing up their time to focus on gaining insights and optimizing the value of the  underlying data.  

“Efficient access to market data is critical for firms to create meaningful analytics and derive valuable  insights. By offering a seamless data-to-analytics solution to our researchers, we hope to accelerate  the timeline from data curation to production ready strategies”, said Maria Adamjee, Partnership  Executive at Beacon Platform. “Better data combined with better analytics gives our mutual  customers an edge.” 

“Data is the most valuable when you can analyze it quickly and efficiently,” said Trey Berre, Global  Head of Data Services at CME Group. “This integration with Beacon is the latest example of how we  are leveraging technology to reduce complexity and make it easier for customers to consume our  market data. We look forward to working with Beacon to deliver seamless analytics-based solutions  that help our customers make informed trading and risk management decisions.” 

Key features of this technology integration include: 

• Streamlined API connection to CME Group’s most accurate and complete historical  datasets via the Beacon Platform. 

• Integrated workflow where customers can extract automated or custom data instantly and  deploy Beacon’s extensive tooling to develop financial applications, improve trading   strategies and enhance risk management.  

• Transparent source code license to modify and extend as desired. 

For more information about Beacon, please visit www.beacon.io. For more information about CME  DataMine via Beacon, please visit 


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