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Beacon Platform Announces Expanded Role for COO Alla Liberman

Finance and investment veteran will shepherd company financials as CFO/COO

Beacon is pleased to announce that Alla Liberman is expanding her role at the company to include both CFO and COO responsibilities. Alla has more than 20 years of experience in financial services, management and governance. In addition to her financial modeling and accounting expertise, Alla has a deep understanding of financial markets, financing trends, macroeconomic forecasting, and risk management. Her promotion is a testament to Beacon’s continued commitment to growing its diverse talent and emphasis on the integral relationship between financial and operating decisions.

“In this time of higher interest rates and increased asset volatility, executive experience in risk management and macroeconomic factors is very valuable to Beacon,” said Beacon Co-Founder and CEO Kirat Singh. “Alla understands the financing and cash issues facing a growing company, and has been instrumental in keeping our cash management above average. I am confident that she will continue to lead Beacon into the future with her considerable financial, strategic, and operational abilities.”

Beacon comprises some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals with financial markets experience, including quant development, trading functions, and risk management. Informed by decades of experience in financial services, Beacon’s solutions address a wide range of needs, from whole portfolio and multi-asset risk management to workflow automation and cloud migration. Alla will continue to drive Beacon’s strategy across all business units and lead the Legal, Compliance, IT, and People teams as they scale to meet the needs of a rapidly growing business.

About Beacon

Beacon is a financial technology firm that provides everything quantitative developers need to rapidly build, test, deploy, and share trading and risk applications, analytics, and models. Developed by a team with unmatched financial markets experience, Beacon’s unified platform includes the apps, tools, and infrastructure firms need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, manage risk across all asset classes, and focus on building innovative strategies that provide a competitive edge. For more information visit www.beacon.io.