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Beacon Core

Beacon Core is an end-to-end platform designed to supercharge developer productivity. With enterprise-scale elastic cloud infrastructure, a modern data warehouse, collaborative developer tools, automation services, and a robust and controlled production environment.

Integrated Development Environment

Beacon's web-based IDE empowers our clients’ internal developer teams to quickly build, test, and deploy analytics and applications to business users. 

A developer can create a new pricing model, then run it in a trading application just like a trader would run it in production, with the only difference being the developer's incremental code change. Crucially, a developer can easily perform these tests many times per day without having to resort to so-called “UAT environments”. 

Once satisfied with the new feature, the developer can release the feature to production, following Beacon’s controls workflow. All source code is categorized, with different controls attached to different categories, such that new features that do not affect risk can be released intraday. 

Beacon’s controls workflow was forged in global investment banks to foster innovation within a highly regulated and tightly controlled environment. We help our clients customize Beacon’s controls workflow to balance the opportunities and risks between innovation and controls. 




Beacon runs in the client’s infrastructure to ensure clients have full control of their data

Infrastructure Management

With integrated enterprise technology tools, Beacon takes care of the plumbing and process so that our clients can focus on their edge.

 Batch Job Scheduler 

  • User-friendly batch job scheduler that lets developers automate manual tasks and focus on adding value to the business

  • Leverages Beacon’s elastic compute framework, which automatically manages batch job infrastructure behind the scenes

  • Robust reporting framework helps developers quickly deploy reports to users while respecting entitlements and maintaining a history  of reports

Web Application Framework

Beacon makes it easy for Python developers to expose analytics and data as fullstack web applications to end users.  Glint abstracts away common HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that everyone can be an UI expert using only one common language.

With the Glint app development framework, quant developers script out applications entirely in Python code, which is then transpiled on the fly into rich, fullstack web apps with live two-way bindings to your data source, while leveraging the performance and ease of Gromit.  This enables commercial developers to iteratively build, test, and tweak end-user applications easily, without having to coordinate a convoluted technology stack.

Beacon Front Office Suite

Fully integrated with Beacon Core, Beacon Front Office Suite includes financial models for most asset classes, customizable applications, and a full stack developer platform with transparent source code.

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