All the clever algorithms and analytics in the world aren’t worth much unless you can easily use them for revenue-generating activities.

This white paper examines the power of Glint, the Beacon Core component that enables developers to accelerate web application development, amplifying the return on R&D investments. Learn how easy it is to build and deploy powerful and intuitive user interfaces that fully leverage the organization’s data, analytics, and infrastructure. All in line with best practices for large-scale software development.
One of the primary goals of Beacon Platform is to make it quick and easy for technical teams to impact the bottom line by helping their business adapt and capture opportunities. Glint abstracts powerful and popular frameworks so that developers can focus on adding value with core business logic and analytics for their end users. This separation enables developers to build sleek, fast applications without compromising richness or interactivity, entirely in Python. No HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge is needed. Download and read how to spend less time and money on technology, and more time on commercializing their best ideas.

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