Beacon Platform helps financial services firms move into the future, with scalable and innovative solutions for a wide range of technology challenges. Effortlessly manage large-scale IT infrastructure and easily support modern DevOps processes. Provide clear and powerful development tools that enable rapid development and deployment of new applications, risk management tools, and quant analytics.

Challenges and Solutions

With a powerful cloud platform, integrated development environment, and comprehensive set of front office applications, financial models, and analytics, Beacon solves challenges for a wide variety of roles in financial markets.

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Moving away from legacy technologies, speeding up release cycles, and supporting collaborative application and analytics development with quants, traders, and risk managers.


Agile and collaborative development environment with enterprise-grade workflow. Git integration, code review tools, and testing framework boost productivity across version management, reviews, quality control, and code deployment processes. Balance technology controls with nimble and iterative development of new functionality.

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Migrating to cloud services, managing and scaling large IT systems, and quickly adapting to changes in business use cases.


Powerful software-defined foundation of elastic compute and storage resources, based on decades of collective experience with large financial institutions. Automated cloud environment with integrated configuration and operational tools enables secure, self-service management for cost and time efficient changes across the enterprise.

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Quant Technologist


Quickly addressing interesting business questions across complex portfolios, easily implementing and modifying algorithms and models, while reducing data and code silos.


Integrated data, analytics, and production platform makes enterprise technology services accessible to quants and data scientists. Standard financial data models and analytics, web application framework, and customizable set of trading, risk, and analysis applications enable teams to focus on competitive edge, not infrastructure.

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Risk Officer


Running large and complex scenario analyses, quickly evaluating multiple risk measures, and effectively responding to regulatory and reporting requirements.


Comprehensive and customizable Front Office Suite includes multiple risk measures, scenario analysis tools, and stress testing modules. Existing back office reporting tools automate regulatory compliance reporting.

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Rapidly evaluating risk and return, trading and market-making for complex products, easily accessing and switching quant models for financial instruments.


Flexible, multi-dimensional cross-asset applications including time series visualizations, pre-trade structuring, position management, and strategy backtester. Open architecture facilitates consistent model and market data across pre-trade pricing, trade capture, and risk management. Transparent source code makes it easy to build, test, and adapt new functionality.

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