Bringing his experience from some of the largest financial institutions in the world to Beacon.

Typical Day

First Things

  • London mornings are either quiet time for coffee, reviewing and writing up notes from the day before, or they might involve meetings with our APAC team and partners
  • I’ll review interesting feedback from any demos I did yesterday so that I can pass it on to our product management team.
  • Internal meetings, pre-demo prep and admin things 


  • I like to split up my day by cycling to the office mid morning 
  • NY office wakes up, and I am in touch with sales, preparing for any demos of the day and the week
  • Check the test environment on our platform and make sure everything is ready to go and set for a specific demo

Last Things

  • Demos are usually set for the afternoon
  • Take some time to participate in Beacon University, a learning course designed to teach our clients and employees about all things Beacon
  • End the day with some notes and make sure I’m prepared for the next day 


As Senior Sales Engineers, we have two main responsibilities: client demos and client POCs (Proof of Concept). Preparing for Beacon platform demos to clients involves planning with the salespeople and sales engineering to provide an engaging demo so that potential clients can see the full capabilities of our platform, and gear it towards their business goals and needs. 

Great Startup Opportunities

Coming from working at some of the largest financial institutions where your role and place is very rigidly defined, change is hard, like turning a supertanker sometimes. Here at Beacon, you’re given full reign and welcome to participate in different functions within the company. I get to interact with the entire lifecycle from business development, sales, sales & client engineering, and even product development and strategic opportunities.

What Motivates Me

Beacon is great – the people here really make the company – they’re invariably the ‘smartest guys in the room’ to borrow a phrase. There’s always that one person in every organisation who you’d hire to build a superstar team and it seems they all ended up here. Because there is also so much opportunity, from a strategic direction it’s easy to get involved, design and own products, features, or deliverables that align with new clients, partners, or industry verticals. I’m looking forward to getting out onto client sites and meeting people in real life – Zoom intro demos can sometimes be challenging.

Upcoming Goals 

There are so many opportunities for Beacon. Some main goals that I would like to deliver are to grow our market data interfaces and data science and analytics capabilities, and work with sales to build out our EMEA franchise. In addition, bringing on more partnerships to further increase deployment capabilities, capacity, and product coverage.


Fast Trivia:


I don’t watch much sport (!), mostly F1, and occasionally either the Football (Soccer) or Rugby internationals. I do occasionally get to ride my bike around the track at the local velodrome though.


I love going to live music events. It’s all Indie rock/pop at my house, if I had to pick a favorite band then I’ll go with The Cure


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


My favorite cultural and adventurous trip was Vietnam & Cambodia. On the other hand, the best place for an R&R vacation has to be Bora Bora. 


Sushi, and more recently Hawaiian poke bowls, my new favourite thing. Luckily, there’s a great place right by the office.

Favorite Things

I have been told I buy far too many vinyl records. You might catch me with another analog medium – a 35mm film camera or two. Cycling – fun fact… in the past 10 years, I’ve cycled more than one lap around the world, ~ 35,000 miles mostly commuting to work in London, fixed gear.

Joined Beacon

April 2021


Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, University of Bristol


Born in Frankfurt, grew up in London, U.K.

Work Location

London, U.K.