“We have the freedom to build the right kind of solution, rather than finding a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Typical Day

First Things

  • Starting off the day with some tea, and checking emails
  • Responding to any immediate questions
  • Fixing any issues that arose overnight


  • This is my time for going into actual work. Starting off, I go over code reviews for my team
  • Scoping development, and finding new data
  • Architecting code, and designing APIs

Last Things

  • After ending the work day, I usually go to the gym
  • Cook dinner
  • I like to keep up to date on current trends, so I read a lot of technology blogs


I am the Co-head of the Front Office Suite, or FOS, Core team alongside Pawel Potocki. The Front Office Suite is a cross-asset trading and risk management system, with end-user applications and underlying suite of financial data models and analytics, built on Beacon Core. We are in charge of the variety of applications and making sure everything continues to run smoothly. I also do code reviews and checks for my team.

Great Startup Opportunities

Being a part of the Beacon team gives me flexibility in my role and allows me to work on projects and areas of the company that aren’t limited to what I was hired to do. I never feel siloed into one category. For instance, I am a member of the Beacon Security Committee, and chair our Change Advisory Board. It allows me to keep learning, and evolving as our company grows.

What Motivates Me

Learning and problem solving are my two biggest motivators. My place in Beacon allows me to feel accomplished, while pushing me to continue growing.

Upcoming Goals

The goals I want to help achieve for Beacon are all around scaling. As our company continues to grow, creating an easy on-boarding process for clients is key. This will be beneficial to our company, as well as the clients who will be able to be self sufficient on Beacon Platform quicker.

Fast Trivia:


I enjoy climbing and boxing, but I don’t consider myself very athletic




I tend to be more drawn towards old music, but I can’t forget my guilty pleasure of pop-punk music like Blink-182


Pulp Fiction, and I’m currently watching Barry, the comedy series


Favorite place I’ve travelled is tied between Mexico City and the Maldives


Trying other cultures’ food, Mexican and Indian food come to mind.

Favorite Things

Food and Travel are a couple of my favorite things

Joined Beacon

August 2018


PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde


Glasgow, Scotland

Work Location

London, U.K.